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Tony to an auto driver: Why are you removing a tyre from your auto?
Auto Driver : Can't you read the sign board. It says 'Parking for two wheelers only'!! More Humor


Those who are suffering from acidity should take a glass of water with a little soda in it to get instant relief. Read More


Late night exercise disturbed your sleeping habits because it increases your body temperature. Read More Fact Busters

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What Woman Needs?
A good quality life refers to vitality. Women's health covers a wide range of issues.Know about the proper needs of protein and vitamins of woman.

Take Care of God's Most Precious Gift to Us
We are lucky to have been blessed with having such graceful eyes. We can relish the beauty of greenery and serene nature created by God. However, we fail to take good care of our eyes.

Sugar Consumption is Dangerous?
Yes, consumption of sugar related eatables if exceeded than the requirement of your body, it will not only result in increasing your weight bit also cause several other harmful diseases.

Problem of Hypertension in Children?
Hypertension is one of the heading reasons for sudden passing over the globe. Early intercession is regularly passed up a great opportunity in children.

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This is a good flashlight app for your mobile phone device. You can use this as LED, Flash and also as a torch. Useful Mobile Apps
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The most beautiful and famous female celebrity of her time Marilyn Monroe actually had six toes. Click Here To Know More Facts


The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C. Read More

Indian food recipe from all parts of the country in one place find some awesome simple refreshing Check All Indian Recipe
Indian Food Recipe
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