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Tony to an auto driver: Why are you removing a tyre from your auto?
Auto Driver : Can't you read the sign board. It says 'Parking for two wheelers only'!! More Humor


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Not all junk foods are bad
Do you get a kick out of the chance to consume junk foods? The greater part of them is extremely delicious and it is really difficult to oppose them. They are discovered just about all over.

Is yoga a better workout than gym?
Indeed the most energetic "yogi" will let you know that yoga doesn't do everything for them -asserting that they feel the strongest and healthiest when they consolidate yoga with high power cardiovascular and weightlifting activity.

What Woman Needs?
A good quality life refers to vitality. Women's health covers a wide range of issues.Know about the proper needs of protein and vitamins of woman.

5 Tips to Stay Young
Cosmetic isn't enough to keep you young. Specialists says, your lifestyle and uptake habits are very much responsible for it.

Bad Effects of Earphones
With the notoriety of the media diversion gadget, in the same way as Mp3, cellular phone and PSP, we can see the individuals who are leaning to music with headphones all over when we stroll in the road or when we take an auto.

Sugar Consumption is Dangerous?
Yes, consumption of sugar related eatables if exceeded than the requirement of your body, it will not only result in increasing your weight bit also cause several other harmful diseases.

Want To Improve Your Grades In School? Then Eat Healthy
This article is focusing in the importance of Healthy Eating Habits in Students in improving their performance in school & colleges which in turn help in improving their grades.

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This is a good flashlight app for your mobile phone device. You can use this as LED, Flash and also as a torch. Useful Mobile Apps
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