Alternatives for birth control pills

Effective alternatives to avoid unwanted & untimely pregnancy without using birth control pills

You may have often seen in the advertisement about how the birth control pills are useful in avoiding becoming pregnant. In fact, the birth control pills have been one of the most popular ways of pregnancy prevention for years. However, the researchers and specialist say that it is also not free from about 8 percent of failure. Also, it is quite common to forget to take the pills at the same time daily. Over the years, several side effects of the birth control pills have been reported. But there is nothing to worry as it is not the only option. There is no dearth of alternatives to birth control pills, and you can take up the other options if you are really keen on not being pregnant.

Most popular alternatives to birth control pills

Amidst the most popular alternatives to birth control pills, the condoms are highly used by the people. Male and female condoms are today available easily and everywhere. Again, you do not have to pay high prices for it. Also, condom is known for preventing the sexually transmitted diseases. However, there is always the fear of the condoms getting damaged. The Diaphragm is another popular option, but you need to get it fixed by your doctor. Also, it needs to be checked for holes at regular intervals. Other alternatives to birth control pills include the patch, vaginal ring, hormone shots (progestin), intrauterine device, hormone implants, fertility awareness, abstinence, vasectomy, and tubal ligation or female sterilization etc.

Know the pros and cons before choosing any birth control alternative

There are several birth control alternatives, and the people choose as per their convenience. However, not all people are aware of all the alternatives available. Some of the people do not care much about knowing the pros and cons of sexual activities and the birth control options. Almost all the birth control options have their pros and cons, and it is highly significant to understand them before you choose any particular method or option of birth control. For instance, you should go for female sterilization only if you do not want to have kids on a permanent basis. Reversing this is quite expensive and at the same time there is no guarantee of its hundred percent reversals.

Awareness of fertility cycle

Being aware of fertility cycle can be of great help to prevent getting pregnant. You do not need to have any birth control alternatives if you are well aware of your fertility cycle. You can have sex on certain dates without fearing the pregnancy. But, if you do not have the familiar sex partner, it is advisable to use condoms to ward off the possibilities of any sexually transmitted diseases.

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