Anti ageing tips to look young


Cosmetic isn’t enough to keep you young. Specialists says, your lifestyle and uptake habits are very much responsible for it.

1. Think PositiveIf you want to look 10 years younger than your age You need to think positive all the time. Staying positing helps to reduce the risk of depression, memory loss, high blood pressure, arthritis and heart issues. Our health depends on the way we think.2. Reduce Sugar IntakeTake restricted quantity of sugar in your food as a result of excess intake of sugar is accountable for aging symptoms to occur. Increase in blood sugar level damage colegen because of which wrinkle occurs.

3. All Round Care

Only taking care of your face isn’t enough so whenever you apply moistureizer on your face try to apply it on your neck also and never forget to apply lotion on your arms. You can also massage your hands with some good quality body oil preferably olive oil.

4. Do Excercise

Doing excercise on regular basis will help in improving blood circulation and improving your body posture. Excercise also helps in the management of your body weight. This helps in keeping the flexibility in your joints which very important to stay fit.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is also dangerous for your skin. Due of smoking the level nutritients and oxygen in your food is effected and causes the old age symptoms.

9 Ideas to Stay Young:
  1. Laugh and have fun.
  2. Don’t be gloomy.
  3. Let bygones be bygones.
  4. Remember old saying “Early to bed, early to rise, is healthy and wise”
  5. Stay lean, being just 30% overweight is bad.
  6. Keep working, doing something you like.
    Be the boss of your own life.
  7. Too much medicine ruins your body.
  8. Exercise and eat less fatty foods.
  9. Do not worry about health and death, just live your life and enjoy!!
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does’t matter”
– Mark Twain, American Author

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