Are You A Commited Phobic Woman?

Do you think you are not comfortable with commitments?

There are increasing numbers of women today who are afraid of commitment. There are so many women now who are afraid to marry and commit themselves to one and a single family for their whole lives. One of the major reasons is that women today have a much larger world at their feet. There are so many opportunities for women, travelling, going to places, interacting with new people that women often are afraid to take commitments to a single thing. This was the case with most men previously since they had so many options and would not want to be trapped with family responsibilities but now it is the case with both genders.

Though marriage might be a source of hassle for today’s women, they know that they are not trapped in its folds anymore. Modern women work and take on the family equally as men. In fact they often earn more than men since they are endowed with the sense of responsibility and patience a little more than men in general. Do you walk away as soon as you hear the name of a relationship or do you cringe when your job demands your commitment via contract for a year or two? If so, you are a commitment phobic person.

For such people it is very necessary that they see the positive side of the relation or the work so as to overcome this phobia. This is very important since this nature of yours might drive away anybody who wanted to be close to you initially. Keeping that aside, it would lead to stressing over such trivial matters. Women today must learn to understand that they have a free will to come out of commitments anytime they wish to but should not be afraid to make them in the first place.

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