Being Happy Is The Key To Success

Key to Become Successful in Life : Stay Happy!

Being Happy

If you want to be successful in life, you ought to be happy. Generally people who get intrinsic happiness from doing something are most successful in that domain. For instance, if you find happiness in pursuing photography, you will carry it with all your heart and soul. Therefore, doing something passionately leads one to the path of success. On the contrary, if you get into an engineering job with a high pay out but less interest, can you drive it along way?

It is very important to be in a calm and composed state of mind while performing something. A happy and relaxed mind has the potential to think big and better. An unhappy and depressed mind can never generate fresh ideas and invent new philosophies.

In the normal way of doing things, we exert our minds and body in achieving our professional goals. We become serious and consider our job as a duty to be fulfilled in order to earn money. We overlook the happiness in pursuing the job and the overall action seems to be a mere obligation. In the wake completing our dutiful job, we stress so much that we lose concentration and deviate from our path. With our anxious mind, all we think is the outcome and not the strategies of doing a particular thing. We sometimes become so exhausted that we wish to get the things clear by hook or crook. If that had been a happy doing, we would have never wished it this way.

Non-happiness has full possibility of developing a failure in us. There are two aspects of doing a thing- what to do and how to do. A happy mind will focus on both the aspects where as a weak and depressed mind will focus on the former one only. Therefore, he can never work smart. In order to work intelligently, smartly and diligently, you have to be happy.

Key to remain Happy?

  1. The art to being happy lies in our skill to find happiness from common things.
  2. Being Happy doesn’t mean everything perfect, it means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  3. The secret of being happy is acceptin where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.

Other simple things you can try to stay happy are

  • Do what makes you feel happy
  • Be with who makes you smile
  • Laugh as much as you breathe
  • Love as long as you live

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