Best Photography and Charging Gadgets

Camera Chargers

3 USB, One Laptop and for other small gadgets

Zolt Laptop Charger Pulse: This is a 3 Inch and 3 Ounce Laptop charger. It can be put easily in a bag or pocket because of its size and shape. It has rotate feature that means it can be rotate upto 90 degree even with plug in laptop. It has 3 USB Port one for laptop and other two for charging small devices. Three gadgets can be charged by using this gadget and it can give power upto 70 Watt.

Compact Cemara with long zoom feature

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 1000 X: If you are looking for an option between entry level digital SLR and Long Zoom compact camera then this will be the best choice for you. It has an excellent photo and video quality. Direct access is available for indispensable features. Its small in size and light in weight with long zoom feature.

Built in Speed and Red Light with Camera Database

Thinkwear Dash Cam X500: Fix this device on your car dashboard and record automatic through this gadget. It has wide lense with HD video feature. Because of GPS Encoding feature on video it can tell the details of accidents. This device gives information to the driver about the traffic safety infrastructure through its two features built in speed and red light camera database.

Small Size without Internal Battery

Aukey Portable Bluetooth Receiver: Because of its size this bluetooth receiver system can be fitted in any car. Tracks can be changed with light twist. Volume can also be controled in the same way. It needs to plug into the car because no battery is present in this device. This device comes without battery therefore it needs to be plugged into the car. It has more and best feature as compared to other devices of same category.

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