Best techinque for running

Tips & Techniques for Running Efficiently

Run Efficiently

Most of the people consider running to be most important in keeping fit. They indulge into such activity without seeking suggestions from a fitness consultant. Such activity does not have any significant effect on fitness. The chances of getting hurt are also high. Here are few tips important for your body as well as health while running.

1. Put full pressure on your Talwa

While running, make sure that your full pressure lies on your talwa as your feet hit the ground. It is mostly notified that majority of people exert pressure on their front and end parts. This results in forceful pressure on your toes and calve muscles. This situation increases the risk of getting hurt. Instead if you evenly exert pressure on your feet, then you can witness a painful and healthy running.

2. Keep The Elbows In 90 Degrees Angle

While running, your elbows must be parallel to your waist. Your elbow must make a 90-degree angle while going to and fro. This way, your shoulder muscles will be freed from exerting so much pressure. Incase, you keep your hands parallel to your chest, you might witness a slight pain in your hands after a certain point. This can bring immense pain to your elbows and shoulders.

3. Keep Your Body Posture Intact

You must give upmost importance to your body posture while running. Keep a check that your first half is straightened and shoulders flattened. Failure to this, might lead you to face stubborn back pain. If your stretch your shoulders upwards then you may encounter pain near your neck muscles. This will put extra pressure on your back, which might convert, in intense pain in future.

4. Only Run, Don’t Jump

According to the recent study, it has been notified that many people jump while running. This is not good for your leg muscles. Extra pressure is exerted on your leg muscles, which leads to inessential harm to your interior body parts.

Significant Tips While Running

If you are at a beginning stage, start slowly and steadily. Eventually grasp the speed. If you exceed your speed on the very first day, then it will not only increase the risk of you getting hurt but also slight pain in your muscles.

Prior to start running, you need to do some warm up exercises for at least 10 minutes. This will open up your body and remove the rigidness. You can either do exercises or brisk walking for warming up.

The most important factor to be taken care of is the selection of right shoes for running. The soul of the shoes should not be too hard or too soft else your can encounter sprain in your feet.

Run This Way

  • Keep your head upright
  • Eyes focused strainght ahead
  • Shoulders are square
  • Arms swing close to the body at 90 degree angle
  • Hips are straight and even
  • Chest is lifted with a slight forward lean
  • Core lifts the foot off the ground
  • Ankles are locked, but rest of the legs relaxed
  • Land uder your center mass with short, quick strides
  • Mid foot strikes the ground (not the heell of toe)

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