Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary



The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary originally known as Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park, in Rajasthan is a famous avifauna sanctuary which is home of the thousands of rare and highly endangered birds such as the Siberian Crane.

The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is the Birding Paradise. Over 230 species of birds are known to have made the National Park their home. Nestling its resident birds and visiting migratory birds including water birds, The Bharatpur Bird sanctuary is known as the richest bird area in the world. The rare Siberian cranes used to winter in this park but this central population of Siberian Cranes is now extinct.

It is a World Heritage Site declared as the protected sanctuary in 1971. The park was established as a national park on 10 March 1982. Spread over nearly 29 square kilometer area, it is a mosaic of woodland swamps, woodlands, wetlands and dry grasslands. The sanctuary cover 29 sq.kms out of which 11 square kilometers are marshes and the rest is scrubland and grassland.

Locally known as Ghana, Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a man-made and man-managed wetland and one of the national parks of India, providing grazing grounds for village cattle and a diverse habitat for the number of endangered species of birds and animals. The park that was a hunting preserve for the Maharaja and the British continued to be so till 1964, after which hunting was banned.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a must visit place with magnificent flora and fauna. The park can be traversed either through walking or you can also hire the auto riksha.It is a stunning place and heaven for the naturalists and bird watchers. You can also prefer boating as boat ride is a good way to see the birds around wetland.

The nearest airports are in Delhi, and Jaipur. The nearest railway station is Bharatpur nearly 5 km away from the park. The park remains open from sunrise to sunset around the year. Multiple accommodation facilities are available in Bharatpur.There are rest houses, lodges and hotels inside and around the park. These accommodation facilities are affordable and comfortable too.

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  1. Bharatpur is among the best birding daniinettoss in India, now that reports say water is flowing back into the National Park. While I visited Bharatpur in the summer, the best time to visit Bharatpur should be the period October – January. Many winter migratory birds make their way there. For involved birders, logging 50-60 bird species is nothing, they’re meticulous, will spend hours and days on end doing it, finding joy in ticking the names off their list of birds to see. In Bharatpur, sighting 50-60 species over two days is achievable. I’m not certain of the exact number we managed, but it was about 50. I hope this particular Waterhen is now doing well.Visit Bhartpur for the birds in the winter, the best time to visit the bird haven. You’re lucky you get to see the Waterhen in Bombay.

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