10 Easy Homely tips for black hair

बाल काले करने के १० आसान घरेलू नुस्खे पैन में थोड़ा पानी लेकर उसमे २ चम्मच चाय की पत्ति डाल कर खौलाएं, ठंडा होने पर छान कर इस पाने से बालों को धोएं | इसके बाद शैम्पू नहीं लगाए | बादाम के तेल में आंवले का रास मिलाकर रेगुलर लगाने से बाल काले होते है | सफ्ताह में २ बार ... Read More »

Taking a break from the gym

Taking Break From Gym

Are you taking a break from the gym? Sometimes, it is the shortage of time, and other times, the lack of will power. In fact, there are several reasons for taking a break from the gym. If, you too are planning to take stop going to the gym or take a break; you should know the answers to the questions ... Read More »

Right Way to Drink Green Tea

How to drink green tea

Are you a Green Tea aficionado? If yes, it is essential to know about the methods of consuming Green Tea so that you can reap the real benefits and avoid the adverse effects. There is a Chinese proverb – ‘Living three days without food is better than living a day without tea’. Perhaps, the aficionados of Green Tea follow the ... Read More »

Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting

Change the timing and not the diet Intermittent Fasting There are several diet plans available for the weight reduction, and all the weight reduction diet plans include various kinds of restrictions on alternatives of food. However, the fundamentals of Intermittent Fasting are somewhat different. In recent days, the Intermittent Fasting has become a popular trend. What is Intermittent Fasting? The ... Read More »

Stem Cell Hope of Life

Stem Cell – the Growing Trend The researchers at the Stanford Medical Research Institute have lately achieved the initial success in growing the hair from stem cells. The stem cell technique is not only effective in treating baldness, but the stem cell technique is facilitating the treatment of many other diseases as well. Let’s see its miraculous merits and usefulness! ... Read More »

Tips to train the kids to remain fit

Kids Health & Fitness

Tips to train the kids to remain fit Increasing obesity in kids is a grave concern. One of the main reasons of obesity in kids is their disinterestedness towards fitness. To keep the kids fit, the parents are required to take the initiatives. Below are a few important tips to turn fitness into a habit of kids. Understand the orientation ... Read More »

Ways To Earn Money Online

Make Money Online With the accelerating digital era, the benefits of online earning have made a vehement presence in the market. Online Earning in Mind? Are you a homemaker and cannot manage to work outside? Looking for an earning extra income? Looking for a part time work? For Housewives, Are you not allowed by your in-laws to go out for ... Read More »

Food to Boost your Mood

Special Food to Boost your Mood Instantly If you think your mood isn’t good try this food to improve your mood: Dark Chocolate – The element present in chocolate activates feel good chemical dopamine inside our body which enhances bonding in relationships. It also helps to increases our energy level. Therefore chocolates are good for us. Raw Cocoa – High ... Read More »

Not All Junk Foods Are Bad

Junk Food & Health Issues Do you get a kick out of the chance to consume junk foods? Most of them are extremely delicious and it is really difficult to oppose them and more so ever they are discovered just about all over. At the same time consuming unreasonable junk foods is a food propensity that you ought to really ... Read More »

Effects of Earphones on Our Ears

How earphones effects our hearing? With the notoriety of the media diversion gadget, in the same way as Mp3, cellular phone and PSP, we can see the individuals who are leaning to music with headphones all over when we stroll in the road or when we take an auto. In this poor listening the earth, most individuals will expand the ... Read More »