XAT Solved Papers 2008- 2015

XAT Sovled Papers

Xavier Aptitute Test Solved Papers 2008-2015 with decision making, 3 full length model papers, essay writing and practice essays by Gautam Puri. Book Detail: Publisher:     G K PUBLICATIONS Edition Number:     8 Language:     English No. of Pages:     485 Edition:     Paperback Binding:     Paperback Read More »

Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom


Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom About The Book: ‘Andrew Duff’s book is a remarkable piece of detective work. In addition to the fascinating human stories Duff relates, the book is a very valuable addition to how the Cold War played out in South Asia, and to the history of the foreign policies of China, India and the US . ... Read More »

Dil Ka Gulab

Dil Ka Gulab

Dil Ka Gulab Author: Dr. Anjum Barabankvi Editing: Saajid Premi Publisher: Pahle Pahal Prakashan Price: Rs.500 अरबी साहित्य की प्रशिद्ध काव्य विद्या ग़ज़ल उर्दू के साथ साथ हिंदी में काफी लोकप्रिय है | आमतौर पर ग़ज़ल  की रचना उर्दू में की जाती है लेकिन इस पुस्तक का लेखन और संपादन ग़ज़ल को देवनागरी (हिंदी) लिपि में रसिकजनों व पाठको के ... Read More »

Dream with Your Eyes Open

Latest Book

Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey Author: Ronnie Screwvala In this book UTV Founder Ronnie Screwavala provides details of his 20 years experience and numerous lessons learnt in his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He explains the changing business scenario and role of entrepreneurship in country’s future. This book is an inspirational book for budding entrepreneurs of ... Read More »

World’s Worst Boyfriend

World's Worst Boyfriend

Author: Durjay Datta The book is all about to lovers who loves to hate each-other. They hurt eachother and try to do the worst to harm each-other. Read to understand what exactly their relationship is. Writer Durjoy Datta who was born in Delhi has completed his degree in engineering and business management. He wrote few of the best selling novels ... Read More »

Mamma Ki Diary

Author: Anu Singh Choudhary The book is written by Anu Singh Choudhary. The book of the writers own life journey as a mother and other mothers stories and all about a child’s birth, upbringing, family, how a society changes itself etc. This book is not a parenting guide neither a fiction and nor a motherly advice. Just a collection of ... Read More »

Bollywood Body by Design

Author: Kris Gethin Foreword: John Abraham The book is written by Kris Gethin who is the director of trainers for physique Elite. He transformed Bollywood actors like John Abraham, Hrithik, Ranveer Singh and many more stars of Bollywood. The  book is foreword by John Abraham who has been trained under Kris Gethin.It contains 30 recipes for diet plan and 10 ... Read More »

Ishq Mein Shaher Hona

Author: Ravish Kumar Illustrator: Vikram Nayak This book is written by TV News Anchor Ravish Kumar of NDTV. This book consists of short love stories popularly known as Laprek or Laghu Prem Katha. Characters of his story are taken from urban spaces and current politics. Book Details Paperback: 104 Pages Publisher: Sarthak Language: Hindi Price: Rs.99 Book Release Date: 1 ... Read More »