THREE TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS THAT CELEBS FOLLOW Learn from the people for whom every detail must be perfect Successful weight loss often has unpleasant side effects: saggy and dull skin, loss of facial charm, hair loss, acidity and gas, and constant fatigue. So it’s interesting to see how celebrities lose weight and still seem perfect. Here’s what the know ... Read More »

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

Incredible Benefits of Green Tea on our Health Known as one of the healthiest beverages on earth, Green Tea has become the integral part of millions of health conscious people across the globe. Rich in powerful antioxidants & the nutrients, Green Tea has all the potentials to render several health benefits to the body. Whether one desires to stimulate fat ... Read More »

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

A New Age Yoga – Hot Yoga Though there are several forms of Yoga, the craze of people towards Hot Yoga has escalated manifolds in recent years. The trend of Hot Yoga appears to be rapidly increasing with the passage of time, and Especially in North America, the people are assimilating Hot Yoga in the place of Normal Yoga. What ... Read More »

How much fat does our body need?

How Much Fat We Really Need? There are several myths about how much fat is required for the human body to function smoothly. Some of the people tend to avoid consuming the food high in fat while others consume substantially. However, neither of the two tendencies is suitable for an ideal health. What is fat? Fat is also referred to ... Read More »

Reduce oversized tummy

Why is it difficult to reduce the oversized tummy? Fattening belly is a matter of great concern. It spoils the entire personality. Once the belly fattens and becomes oversized, it becomes very tough to bring it back to the shape. After all, why is it so difficult to reduce the fattened belly? As per the claims of the research by ... Read More »

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Dangerous

Sleep Disorder or Deprivation can be very dangerous for your health Sleep deprivation is quite common now days. It is increasing at a fast pace inviting maladies like feeling grumpy, lazy and no performing to your best. But do you also know apart from laziness, lack of sleep brings profound bad consequences for your health. Few of the negative aspects ... Read More »

Best techinque for running

Tips & Techniques for Running Efficiently Most of the people consider running to be most important in keeping fit. They indulge into such activity without seeking suggestions from a fitness consultant. Such activity does not have any significant effect on fitness. The chances of getting hurt are also high. Here are few tips important for your body as well as ... Read More »

Snoring is Fatal

Stop Snoring its Dangerous The scientists have developed a small mask, and wearing this mask while sleeping can not only eliminate the problem of snoring but also it will facilitate a good sleep. What is the cause of this disorder? This disease is fatal What is snoring? While sleeping, the inner part of the throat becomes narrower than its usual ... Read More »

Stairs workout is a good exercise

Climb The Stairs Of Fitness Stairs-workout is a great way to remain fit without investing any extra time or money and with little effort. For this you only need to give up the elevator and get into the habit of climbing the stairs. Any type of physical exercise is considered good for health. If you walk for good health and ... Read More »

Are You Suffering From PMS

Are you paranoid with Pre Menstrual Syndrome? Is it halting your active life?…………. Every woman has to undergo the predicaments related to pre menstrual syndrome. Each month brings five days of severe pain and intense blood flow to woman. Two weeks prior to commencement of periods, the woman has to string along with irritation, stomach ache, foot ache and stress. ... Read More »