Dos and Don’ts of Cyber ­Security

In view of recent ­3.2 million debit cards compromised­, here are some Dos and Don’ts of Cyber ­Security for your awareness. The DOs­ 1. While you are banking, shopping or pa­ying your bills online, check if the web­site’s URL begins with ‘https’. Also loo­k for the padlock icon, which indicates ­that the connection is secure. 2. Go for unique, and ... Read More »

Why Garba is Played During Navratri ?

नवरात्रि में ही क्यों खेला जाता है गरबा नवरात्रि में हर तरफ गरबा की धूम दिखाई देती है। खूबसूरत और पारंपरिक अंदाज में सजे लोग इस नृत्य को मस्ती में झूमते हुए करते हैं। आखिर गरबा नवरात्रि के वक्त क्यों होता है। ऐसा कहा जाता है कि नवरात्रि के नौ दिन मौसम बहुत संतुलित रहता है। इन दिनों में न ... Read More »

बढ़ती उम्र में पहले नजर का प्यार

पहली नजर में प्यार पर केवल यूवाओं का ही अधिकार नहीं है | एक अध्यन में दिलचस्प खुलासा हुआ है की जैसे जैसे उम्र बढ़ती जाती है, लोगो की पहली नजर में प्यार में विश्वास जताने की सम्भावनाये भी बढ़ जाती है | एक सर्वे में हुए खुलासे के मुताबिक, १८-२४ आयु वर्ग की तुलना में मध्यम आयु वर्ग के ... Read More »

Give a new direction to your career


If you desire, you can give a new direction to your career at any age. It is unjust to give the right to someone else to decide your career. You need to become the architect of your own career. Be the architect of your own career You should run your career like a business. It means that you should know ... Read More »

Popular ways to earn online

Popular Ways to Earn Online

Most popular ways to earn online from the comfort of your home Be it a working professional, businessman, or an unemployed; everyone dreams to earn money. Many people make various positive efforts to translate this dream into reality. If you can take some time out of your busy schedule and have some basic knowledge of the internet; the online earning ... Read More »

Eat in Excess or Eat too Less

Eating Disorder

Do you eat in excess or eat too less? The uncommon habit of a person eating too much or too less is known as “Eating Disorder”. This disorder is largely seen in the teenage girls or the ladies. However, quite often, the small children also fall prey to this complication. Anorexia If a person pursues one’s weight loss efforts even ... Read More »

Hypertension in children

Problem of hypertension at an early age Hypertension is one of the heading reasons for sudden passing over the globe. Early intercession is regularly passed up a great opportunity in children. Pulse readings may seem alright at any given time, yet masters call attention to a few elements including sex, age, and stature of people focus degree of hypertension. Tragically, ... Read More »

How To Take A Perfect Selfie?

Take That Perfect Selfie Now Gone are the days when social media was a pulpit for interacting with friends and family. The budding trend has now become a lifestyle. It is difficult to not post your whereabouts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and a lot more places. It is effortful to resist the temptation of not being able to flaunt your ... Read More »

Why Vegetarians Lives Longer?

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Our dietary preferences surely shape up our health and our body. ‘ We are what we eat ‘, are the golden words for a perfect lifestyle. However, there has always been a debate about a healthy lifestyle. After a lot of research and experiments it has been concluded that meat prohibitionists live a longer life than ... Read More »

Probiotic Food Is Good For Health

Why is Probiotic Food beneficial for your body? Probiotics food can enhance immune functions, gives more energy, reduce cold & flu, curb inflammation, fight chronic bowel diseases, prevent allergies and asthmas, eliminate yeast infections, weight loss, healthy skin healthy respiratory system and above all improve overall health. Sources of Probiotic Foods Great Probiotic Foods are Yogurt, Raw Cheese, Kefir, Fermented ... Read More »