Change Your Styles with These Gadgets

Stylish Gadgets

There are several gadgets available in the market today, and you can make your life easier by using some specific gadgets. These gadgets prove to be very much helpful in performing your day to day activities, and simultaneously, they also render you a cool look.

Stylish Gadgets

LED Clock Fan

This LED Clock Fan can prove to be very much helpful if you in an office with hot temperature. You need to connect this to your computer by using the USB. You can see the clock when you switch it on. The LED is fixed into it in such a way that it shows you the right time when it is rotated fast. Its blades are very flexible, and you do not get hurt even if your hands or fingers come in contact with this.

LED Music Shades

You can define your style by wearing these goggles. The lights are fixed in it and they glitter with the music. It has been designed in such a way that your vision is not affected due to the glittering lights. There are sensors in it that lit the lights with the beats of the music. Its salient feature is that it functions better when used in a smaller place. The smaller the place, the better is its performance. Also, its plastic frame is very much comfortable.


It is an anti-slip mat and it is very much useful in keeping the essential items at one place in your car. After placing it on the dashboard of your car, you can keep several items on it. The holding glue in the mat keeps the objects attached to it. It is strong enough to safely hold the objects even on the rough roads. You can conveniently attach the mobile phones, keys, pens, and coins etc on this mat. Also, the dust does not get attached to the glue in the mat.


The specific feature of iKettle is that you can connect it with the mobile phone. You can set the timing for the preparation of tea or coffee as per your convenience and desire. You can also set the alarm in it. Once you set the alarm time, you will get a ring on your mobile phone on time. With this ring, you will also get a message asking if you wish to switch on the iKettle. Similarly, you can connect more than one mobile phone with this iKettle.

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