Effects of using cell phones

Its Time to Know the Effects of using cell phones

dangers of cell phones

Are Cell Phones Dangerous? Talking over the cell phones for hours might be entertaining but look what it has in store for you- Danger!!

The requirement of cell phone is devoir in all walks of life. While you are travelling, sleeping, munching, partying or idling; you want to have 24*7 access to your cell phones. But you fail to understand what bad consequences it can have on your health.

Cell phones transmit harmful radio frequency radiation that increases the risk of brain cancer, eye cancer, immune system annihilation, memory loss, leukemia, depression and infertility. Children experience a greater risk of developing all health related maladies as compared to adults. This is due to increased vulnerability to radio waves.

Here is the list of dangers that you might encounter if you continue to use your cell phones at an increased pace.

Augments Stress

As the radio waves affect your mind tremendously, chances are that your encounter heightened stress levels. As per the scientific research, it has been observed that increased level of stress and irregular sleeping patterns are the reslt of high mobile use. Constant vibration, ringing, messages’ all sum up to transferring harmful radiations that cause irritability in a person.

Brings Chronic Pain

Since, you are greatly involved in using your cell phones, this attitude of yours can bring severe pain in your hand joints. Nowadays, Whats App, BBM being in trend compels us to stay online anytime and exchange messages at rapid pace leading pain and swelling of joints. If you press the phone between your shoulders and neck and talk, you may give invitation to back pain.

Blurred Vision

Constantly resting your eyes on the phone screen while messaging or chatting can create vision related predicaments in you. Since the cell screen is relatively smaller, we have to exert pressure on our eyes to read chats, which causes eye pain and headache.

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