Factor For Depression In Teenagers

Major Factor For Depression In Teenagers

Adolescence is a very stressful and testing part of one’s life and sometimes, depression strikes and rocks the very existence of a teenager. There are many reasons why depression is common in today’s teenagers. Academic pressure is one of the first reasons for teenage depression. With the increasing pressure to make a career and succeed, teenagers are often observed going through depressive stages.

Another very persistent reason for teenage depression is social anxiety or peer pressure where a teenager feels it is necessary to conform to a certain ongoing fad and finds it difficult to cope with. Infatuation and love are two significant parts of a teenagers life and romantic problems also lead to teenage depression where it could range from a fight with someone they are involved with to being rejected by someone they admire. A simple problem from the perspective of an adult seems to magnify itself when dealt with, by a teenager leading to morose emotions.

There are also certain incidents which trigger depression in some teenagers like a traumatic event such as loss of a loved one or separation or divorce of parents. There are also cases of hereditary depression where some children undergo depression owing to their genes. Money may also be a factor for depression if a financial difficulty seems to get a good grip on the family. Physical or emotional neglect by the elders of the family also leads to inner turmoil of inferiority, paving its way towards depression. There are certain feelings which also affect a teenager and leading into a depressive state of mind, like feeling of helplessness, that is a feeling of not being able to do something concrete regarding a particular issue or low self-esteem which maybe a result of many factors.

Depression in teenagers is a rather common phenomenon, these days and the pressure of standing up in various spheres often takes a toll.

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