Best Food For Diabetic Patients

food for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a kind of disease which can be controlled considerably by healthy lifestyle and proper corrections in dietary regimen. Eating the right kind of food along with the weight loss is vital if one is trying to control diabetes.

Diabetic patients should follow simple healthy diet plan which should be high in nutrient content, low in fat and moderate in calories. Here are mentioned some foods which have proved to help in controlling diabetes. Food suggested for diabetic patients are as follows:

Beans are highly recommended to diabetic patients as they are high in fibre content and low in fat. They can be added in salads or soups as they are good source of calcium and minerals.

Low fat version of dairy products like milk, cottage cheese and yoghurt should be included in the daily diet plan of diabetic patients as they are good source of calcium and Vitamin D. Replace soda or sugary juices with milk to be taken along with meals and eat cheese and yoghurt as hunger relieving snacks.

Berries are God’s gift to diabetic patients. They are full of fibre and antioxidants like polyphenols which is a boon to diabetic patients. They can be taken in any form like with oatmeal, ice cream or in a salad.

Green Leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables should be an essential part of the diet of diabetic patients. Turnip, lettuce and mustard are great sources of fibre and calcium. They are also very good for the heart.

It should be essential part of the patient’s diet especially in breakfast. Although it is a carbohydrate, it is high in fibre and is slower to digest. It helps a lot in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level throughout the morning if taken as a breakfast. It is also beneficial for weight loss.

Recent studies have shown that cinnamon have insulin like effects and help to reduce the blood sugar level. It should be included in moderate quantity as a spice in daily diet.

Good Vs Bad Food for Diabetes

Good: Barley Grass, Kale Salad, Green Juice, Raw Zucchini, Guacamole, Avocado Sprouts Salad, Almonds, Oatmeals, Egg White, Non Fat Yogurt, Fish, Non Starchy Vegetables

Bad: Pancakes, Soda, French Sode, Bacon, Canned Fruit, Milk, Fast Food, Ketchup, Potato Chips

Foods to Fight Diabetes – Tomatoes, Green Tea, Spinach, Broccoli, Berries, Jamun, Karela, Apples, Barley, Carrots, Flaxseeds (Alsi)

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