Food to Boost your Mood

Special Food to Boost your Mood Instantly

Food To Boost Mood

If you think your mood isn’t good try this food to improve your mood:

Dark Chocolate – The element present in chocolate activates feel good chemical dopamine inside our body which enhances bonding in relationships. It also helps to increases our energy level. Therefore chocolates are good for us.

Raw Cocoa – High in magnesium and triggers the brains production of natural opiods to make you feel good.

Avocada – Avocados have many benefits that go along with elevating your spirit

Spinach – Spinach is so nutrients dense, that it does wonders for your health, mood and the prevention of illness.

Strawberry – According to the Scientist of Institute for Optimum Nutrietion strawberries are rich in Zinc, which increases the activity of testostran hormones. This also helps in developing bonding among relationships.

Vanilla – Its flavor and fragrance will improove up your mood immediately and you will also feel positivity in yourself. It activates the hypothelamus area of your brain which regulates your emotions and memory.

Banana – This is a rich source of nutritients like potesium and vitamin B which reduces the risk of hormonal disorder. It plays an important role in improving blood pressure. Therefore eating banana is recommended.

Red Chilly – It improves the blood circulation and keep your mood good all the time.

Sunflower Seeds – Their richness in vitamin E, selenium and magnesium all contribute to improving your mood.

Chia Seeds – Potent vegetarian source of omega 3, packed full of essential amino acids.

Eating a healthy & varied diet is the best way to boost your mood. Include the following foods in your diet and stay happy.

Carbohydrates: Potatoes, brown rice, oats, wholegrain cereals, wholemeal breads.
Protein: Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk
Vitamins and Minerals: Wholegrains, legumes, green leafy vegetables, dried apricots, fortified cereal, water.

Other Feel Good Foods are Oysters, Yoghurt, Blueberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Green Juice, Coconut, Chicken, Turkey, Lentils, Walnuts.

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