Hazardous Diseases That Kill You Slowly


There are many types of diseases. Some are mild and curable while some have long lasting impacts on our lives. Tackling these diseases is a daunting task. They act as a slow poison and gradually weaken us from inside. Few of such types are listed below:


Generally people are hit by diabetes malady in the age group of 40-50 and subsequently. However, even children are found having the essence of diabetes at an early age. The top most reason marked for occurrence of diabetes is rise in intake of unhealthy food and lifestyle. People who are lucky not to have diabetes should remain alert. They must be aware of symptoms and consequences leading to diabetes. Diabetes 2 type is spreading amongst people tremendously and it is directly linked with wrong eating habits and poor lifestyle. The sufferers of diabetes 2 are mostly overweight. The best way to get rid of this type of disease is to bring improvement in food intake and make your lifestyle healthy by physically working everyday out without any fail. Close to 6.2 crore people are diabetic in India second to China which has 9.2 crore diabetic patients.


This genre of disease is common in people having age of 65 years but it is eventually getting common in people having 50 years of age. This is due to proteins and calcium deprivation in body or plenteous consumption of soft drinks and smoking. In order to do away with osteoporosis, consult a doctor and get your body check up done. Any sign of weak bones or deficiency will be known to you and consecutively you can initiate taking Vitamin-D supplement or calcium pills. A healthy life needs regular physical exercise to build strong muscles. For instance, jogging, stairs climbing, walking or jumping are few of the best options for work out. With a view to strengthen your bones, you need to quit drinking (hard & soft drinks) and smoking immediately. The drinks have phosphoric acid present, which is responsible for your sabotaged bones. 2.5 crore people in India are badly hit by osteoporosis and every wear 89 lakh fractures take place due to this disease.


Stroke is normal in people with age group of 65 or above. However, it is consistently spreading amongst people with age group of 20-30 years. The sole reason behind this is high levels of smoking, increased blood pressure and unhealthy diet. Incase you are a chain smoker or consume rarely; quitting smoking immediately will decrease the possibility of strokes by two times. If you possess high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or high cholesterol; it is better to keep them intact as vulnerability in them can increase the risk of strokes. Your diet plays a significant role in curtailing the quantum of strokes. Reduce the intake of salt and trans fat in your body, increase the frequency of eating fish and most important is sparing out at least 30 minutes from your daily schedule for exercises. Only 10% stroke hit victims get correct treatment in World. From past 2 decades, India has been witnessing a 25% increase in stroke related problems in Youth.

Heart Disease

Heart disease generally occurs in the age limit of 50 years but now it is increasingly spreading in people with age group of 20-30 years. Emerging heart disease is the cause of non-physical workout, changing food habits and regular consumption of smoking. Heart disease has vehemently marked its presence in India. To get rid of this genre of disease, it is imperative to take out 45 minutes from your busy schedule and devote to exercises. Additionally, you need to keep a check on your eating habits. Try and avoid junk and oily food. Decreasing the level of salt and sugar levels in your food will decrease the risk of heart disease.
The frequency of people dying out of heart diseases is 4 in one minute majorly including people from age group 30-50 years.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is most likely to occur in the age group of 45 years but has also taken teenagers in its trap. It can occur if you have a sedentary life style or have given late birth to a child or there is some problems relating breast-feeding. To get rid of the stubborn disease, you need to include regular workout in your schedule. Do not put on excess of weight. Reduce the consumption of alcoholic level. Include the intake of green and leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you have a baby then breast-feed him/her for long time as breast-feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. Avoid things like hormone replacement therapy. One out of 20 women are being given breast cancer diagnosis. From past 3 decades, the quantum of breast cancer has been increasing tremendously.

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