Hot Yoga

A New Age Yoga – Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Though there are several forms of Yoga, the craze of people towards Hot Yoga has escalated manifolds in recent years. The trend of Hot Yoga appears to be rapidly increasing with the passage of time, and Especially in North America, the people are assimilating Hot Yoga in the place of Normal Yoga.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is performed inside a hot and humid room. It means; performing or practicing the normal yoga postures in a room with the temperature of 35-40 degree is called Hot Yoga. It can be easily imagined that it heats up your body to a great extent, and also you perspire a lot while doing yoga in the hot and humid room. With its increasing popularity, its types are also multiplying. The most popular among the types of Hot Yoga is ‘Bikram Yoga’ which consists of 26 different bodily postures. Apart from this, there are many more yoga such as Moksha Yoga and Core Power Yoga etc that include a number of different bodily postures. Also, they are done at varying temperatures.

How is Hot Yoga different from Normal Yoga?

The Normal Yoga can be done anywhere; however, the first precondition for Hot Yoga is a closed room with high temperature where you can perspire sufficiently. In Hot Yoga, the difficult bodily postures have been given priority. Moreover, the high temperature makes them even more difficult. However, the experts opine that the heat facilitates more flexibility in the body which escalates the benefits of yoga. There are different provisions based on the timing or duration as well. Bikram Yoga is usually done in 90 minutes whereas the duration of the other types Hot Yogas have the duration extending from 30 to 120 minutes (30 minutes to 2 hours).

Also keep this in mind while doing hot yoga

Hot Yoga should be assimilated gradually. It is also very much essential to understand and learn the bodily postures and practice them in a right manner. After doing Hot Yoga, you should drink plenty of water. The lack of water in your body may cause dehydration. The people with low tolerance towards heat should avoid doing Hot Yoga. They may feel dizzy and even weakness. Unnecessary and extra stretching may also lead to injuries.

Where to learn hot yoga from?

In India, there are only a few selected classes and studios for Hot Yoga. But you can do it at even home if you can maintain the temperature of 35 to 40 degree Celsius in the room. You can watch the online videos and video CDs to learn Hot Yoga. Some online courses are also available for Hot Yoga. Besides this, you can also do the Normal Yoga at high temperatures.

How beneficial is Hot Yoga?

The much talked about benefit of Hot Yoga is Detoxification – which means, the cleansing of the body from inside. While doing Hot Yoga, you perspire a lot, and the toxins of the body flow out of the body through the sweat.

Due to the heat in the room, even the difficult bodily postures become easier and safer as the heat increases the flexibility of the body to some extent.

Doing yoga in the room with high temperature increases the heart rate, which in turn, increases your physical capacity to work harder. Hot Yoga is also very much effective in making your body stronger and more flexible. Moreover, doing Hot Yoga makes you feel more relaxed.

Besides the benefits of Hot Yoga, you also get all the common benefits of yoga such as curtailing obesity, enhancing energy level, stress reduction, increasing concentration, and relief in respiratory diseases etc.


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