How To Keep Balance Between Your Office & Baby?

Balance Between Your Office & Baby

For women today, this is a huge issue that has been plaguing their lives, how to manage between their offices and work and their toddler. It’s a tough job but not unattainable. Babies need a mother’s care, warmth and kindness to grow up. Keeping a full time servant to look after them and putting them in a day care centre is not what one should aim for. As much as your work is important, the baby is equally important. One would not want one’s child to grow up not knowing their parents well. It is important that one gives their child enough time to watch them grow and make them realize they have a loving mother who would be there for them always.

One needs to divide time between office and baby. If one works in the morning , then one can send their child to a day care and then bring them back while returning as well take them out for a evening walk. If one has to work from nine to five, they can spend the evenings with their child instead of letting the servant take care of the child; one can look after them themselves and leave the cooking and housework to the appointed servants. One can ask their husbands or their parents to help in taking care of the child. The child needs the love of the family much more than day care centres.

For women it often is a huge headache to manage these two aspects but since both are important it would be wise to divide time beforehand and tell your boss about your infant so that no extra work is given to you. You can also take a holiday in alterative weeks to spend the day with your younger one playing or going for day trips to a place which the toddler would love.

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