How to Overcome Dullness?

Its Time to Overcome Dullness & Laziness

overcome dullness

Sometimes we feel dullness and lack of energy in us. But if you want you can get rid of such type of dullness. How, read the article?

5 Ideas to get rid of dullness

If you feel very dull after you wake up in the morning then try this following 5 ideas you will get out of dullness and feel energetic trough out the day.

Drink Banana Milk Shake

Take one banana shake with your breakfast. Banana has a lot of potassium as well as good source of energy and milk is good for stomach therefore taking one full glass of banana shake with your breakfast will be a good idea to stay agile and active throughout the day.


If you like chocolates then eat a chocolate when you wake up in the morning. Its brown stuff improves your nervous sysytem. Chocolate is a good source of immediate energy and it also keeps your mood good. You can also take chocolate milk shake instead of chocolate if you do not want to take chocolate in the morning. The combination of milk and chocolate has good effect in your body.

Coconut Water

Sometimes we feel dullness because of lack of water in our body. Taking a glass of coconut water will help us to redydrate our body and gives energy. Coconut water contains very less amount of sugar and carbohydrates it is 99% fat free as well. It has good amount of minerals and electrolates. It balance the water requirement of body and energicies your mind as well.

Sea Food

Sea foods has the capacity to provide energy to your brain and it makes it active. Sea food are good source of protein and omega 3 oils which help to keep our body healthy and fit. Eggs, Tuna fish and salmon are also very good source of energy for our body.

Avoid pills

Try to avoid pain killers as much as possible. Access of pills will damage your intestines and has bad effect in your stomach due to which we feel dullness. So keep away from pills.

Follow the above mentioned tips to get rid of laziness and dullness in your life. Live life at its best.

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