How To Pick A Perfect Diamond?

Make a meticulous selection of right diamonds.

perfect diamond

Want to buy a Diamond? But confused about how to choose the right one? Read out this article to know important things which will be very helpful in picking up the perfect diamond. Money matters a lot, and you expect the right reward for every penny you spend. You may be a bit less careful while purchase some inexpensive things; however, you cannot afford to do the same while you are purchasing. Whether you a diamond trader, or an individual purchasing and using the diamond; in every case you need to make a meticulous selection of diamond. The diamond, by its very nature is very much expensive, and it is of utmost significance to make the selection right quality diamond before you actually pay for it.

But the question that here arises is – how should you make the perfect selection of diamond? The judicious selection of following four Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) of any piece of diamond can enable you to find the right diamond:

Choosing the best shape or cut

The round shape of the diamond is the traditional one, and a still the ‘Round Brilliant’ diamonds have the upper hand over the other shapes. The other fancy cuts or shapes of diamond include the Oval, Pear, Heart, Princess, Cushion Cut, Emerald, Trilliant, Rediant, Marquise, and Asscher Cut etc. If you are determined to get the diamond with particular cut or shape, you can choose accordingly. In case of uncertainty of the cut or shape, it is advisable to go for either round shape or the Princess Cut diamond.

Identify the clarity or purity

The price of the diamond is also very much dependent on the degree of clarity or purity it acquires. The less pure stones have some blemishes or inclusions on the surfaces, whereas the stone with high quality contain no such inclusions or blemishes. They look to be quite flawless. If you are not able to identify, you can take the support of the jeweler. The flawless diamonds cost higher, and you should make the selection as per your budget.

Different price ranges with varying colors

The diamonds with highest quality are colorless. And, if the price is not your concern, you can go for the colorless diamonds. However, the higher grades for color are considered to be not making much difference in terms of quality as the tints in it are not easily visible. The colorlessness and the price go hand in hand, and it is advisable to buy the diamonds that balance the price and colorlessness.

Weight and size of diamond

The diamond’s size or the weight is measured in carat, and the price of the diamond varies as per the varying caret. The diamond with more carats has higher prices. The weight or size should be the last consideration while purchasing the diamond as it does not make any difference in quality.

Hope this article gives you enough information about diamond and it will help you selecting the right one for your or for your beloved ones.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such good tips which surely help in choosing the perfect diamond.

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