How to protect our eyes


The EYE is not only charming but also the most important sensory organ of the human body. We are lucky to have been blessed with having such graceful eyes. We can relish the beauty of greenery and serene nature created by God. However, we fail to take good care of our eyes and get them in contact with inessential habits that exercise adverse impacts on them.

Here is a list of few tips that we need to consider to ascertain utmost protection to our eyes:

Avoid Watching Movies On Laptop or Tablet

Watching movies on a laptop or tablet has become a trend especially when you are travelling or idling around. You do not realize the consequences that it can have on your sensitive eyes. Laptop, tablet or mobiles having big screens reflect harmful and intense radiations. The distance between your eyes and the screen is quite lessand therefore it exercises negative impact on your eyes. Nearer the screen, higher the impact of radiations.

Avoid Studying In Dim Light

Dim lights put intense pressure on your eyes which cause rapid blinking. Most of the students have the habit of studying in lamplights or torch under the blankets. Some people think that they tend to relax when studying novels while lying down. But they fail to understand what impacts it will have on their eyes. You exert your eyes, more which weakens the power of seeing and therefore eventually degrades your eyesight.

Regular Eye Checkup

In order to ensure that the vision of your eyes is perfect, you need to undergo a regular eye check up within 6 months or an year. This way the doctor can identify the issues with eyes and give immediate medications to avoid any turmoil in future pertaining to eyes. Many a times, there are people having predicaments related to eyes but are hesitant in consulting doctor. They are under the notion that why to visit a doctor for such small thing? But, these small things can take a sharp turn and make the case severe.

Increase the Intake of Fruits & Vegetables

Certain fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that are imperative for your eyesight. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes or mandarin and Fruits & Vegetables with essential Vitamin A like mango, watermelon, tomato, and carrot are considered pivotal for good eyesight. Therefore, if you desire to have clear eyesight, you need to plan out your diet accordingly.

Wear Sunglasses

In scorching heat, if you dare to step out without sunglasses then you better be prepared for the worse. The stubborn sun rays when make direct contact with the eyes, cause immense harm. Your eyesight might start flickering and encounter dark bags beneath. Additionally, you will have to face all those pollution and dirt while travelling on two wheeler or cycle.

Avoid Consistent Contact With Computer

With the advancement of technology, the current era has got dependent upon computer or laptop totally. Weather it is working or studying or movies or music; one thing that comes to mind is computers. People maintaining consistent contact with the computers tend to accost unclear visualization. Having regular intervals in between will certainly keep your eyes moist and safe.

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