How to select best oil for cooking?

Choose the right cooking oil for your kitchen

Cooking oil is an integral part of the kitchen. Many of the people keep several varieties of cooking oils in their kitchen, and sometimes, without even knowing their pros and cons. Also, it is seen that some people like certain cooking oils more than others just because they render delightful flavor. However, there are people that appear to be quite conscious towards their health and choose the cooking oils that facilitate better health. The cooking oils play a very vital role in either boosting or debilitating the health, and therefore, it is essential to select the oils in a meticulous manner.

To understand the effect of cooking oils on health, it is essential to understand the chemicals or ingredients in the oil. Oil is a kind of fat, and it would be easier to make selection if you know the harmful and beneficial fats. The saturated fats and the trans-fats are considered to be harmful for health, and the dairy items such as the cheese and yoghurt etc should be consumed less as they contain the saturated fats in high quantity. The mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats are considered to be good for health. While choosing cooking oils for the kitchen, it is of vital significance to know the oils and the kinds of fats they contain so that the cooking oils make some positive contribution towards health.

Another significant point of consideration in cooking oils is the Smoke Point. It is the tolerance of oils towards heat or temperature. It is advisable to choose the oils with high Smoke Point or the oils that have greater tolerance towards heat or temperature. At the room temperature, some oils may be quite good for health; however, at a higher temperature, they may lose the quality. The almond, avocado, hazelnut, palm and sunflower etc are considered to be the oils with high smoke points. The corn oil, hemp oil, pumpkinseed oil, soybean oil and sesame oil etc are the oils with medium smoke points. For dressings and marinades etc, the No-heat oils such as the flaxseed and wheat-germ are quite ideal.

Some of the people use the particular oils for the sake of flavor. It is good to use the oil with flavor if flavor is the demand; however, the health factors should not be undermined. The oils, such as the sesame and peanut etc contain flavor, and at the same time, they also are ideal for boosting the health. One may not specialize overnight in making a perfect selection of cooking oils; however, with the course of time, one can surely learn to make meticulous selection if the efforts are made in the right direction.

Special Note : Always take care to choose the healthiest cooking oil for your family. Keep on changing your oil to keep away from various diseases which may cause due to chemicals used while filtering oils. Change in oil in regular basis will reduce the risk of developing diseases in our body.

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