How To Stop Breastfeeding Your Child?

Ways To Stop Breastfeeding Your Child

Are you a mother of a newborn? It is good to feed your baby as your milk is very important for him/her. It is perfect to breastfeed your child for about six months, however, after that you can start giving him different foods with breastmilk. When your little child is one year old, he/she would get all the goodness from other nutritious food. This is where it is very important for you to stop breastfeeding your baby. This is also known as weaning your child from your breast.

If you wish to wean your baby from breastfeeding before he/she is year old, make use of certain formulas instead of your milk. If you find it difficult at the first phase, you can combine breastmilk during the transition of easing your child from the process of breastfeeding. It is understood that preventing your toddler from breastfeeding is really an emotional experience. You might feel sad during the process, but understand that you are doing it for the good of your little one.

Are you trying to find ways to stop breastfeeding? The good news is that you can do it without ending the close bond between you and your cute baby. In fact, breastfeeding is just the beginning of very strong relationship.
How to Stop Breastfeeding?

As your baby is now eating all varieties of food, you can stop breastfeeding through various simple steps. These are

Stage 1: Allow your child to finish fuller breastfeed, thereafter, give him/her little portion of food. Always encourage him taste the different textures and flavors. With this he would get all the protein and nourishment.

Stage 2: As now your baby is eating well, you can experiment with various things and slowly and steadily you can see the changes. At various times, you can offer food just before you breastfeed him.

Stage 3: Try offering your kid water in a beaker and believe he/she would love it.

As you try out the techniques, progressively replace breastfeeding with many other different ways and try to nurture and comfort him in many ways. Sing for him, play a game and accompany him all the time. By following all the processes, you will see that your baby has stopped breastfeeding and growing healthy.

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