How To Take A Perfect Selfie?

Take That Perfect Selfie Now


Gone are the days when social media was a pulpit for interacting with friends and family. The budding trend has now become a lifestyle. It is difficult to not post your whereabouts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and a lot more places.

It is effortful to resist the temptation of not being able to flaunt your new hairstyle or probably your new bag on social media. With Smartphones, Tablets and iPads in every second hand it is a cakewalk to click pictures and post them on social media. Taking pictures from the front camera and posting them on social networking sites is the coolest shooting up wind. Taking a good selfie is a skill one needs to master before blindly uploading their images.

The most important thing we should keep in mind before taking a selfie is the angle. The picture should look fair and even. Nothing in the picture should bother the eye. A disproportionate picture definitely is a turn off. Before taking a selfie we should know our face and hair well. We need to realize which side of our face looks more attractive.

We should also keep in mind the lighting. Natural light is the best for taking a selfie. It enhances our face and makes us look customarily good. In absence of the sun light we can get a small lamp with yellow light to give our face a natural look.

Do not forget to check your background before taking a selfie, you should be aware of what is going on behind you while taking your own snap. You can check for pile of clothes on your bed or on the floor, something that looks dirty etc. If you do not find a suitable place you can stand infront of a wall.

While taking a selfie we should keep a candid expression and not be too serious. Being relax is the key for an attractive and natural snap. We should not gaze into the lens with forethought. The picture should look spontaneous and unscripted. We can always pout or wink to add some chirpiness to it. One major thing we should take care of is the background. It should talk about the moment you are in.

If you can use some photo editing tool or app then it can do wonders with your photographs. You can make your selfies looks wonder with the help of photo editors.

Take a lot of selfies to ensure that you can select the one you love the most.

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