Issue of early pregnancy in teenagers

Teens Outlook On Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a gnawing problem in today’s world even though according to the statistics, the percentage of such cases has been reducing due to better sex education and awareness; the issue still affects at least a part of the world population. These cases could be both planned and unplanned, while the young mothers could have been married of at an earlier age and hence, have conceived, there are still others who do so unwillingly.

Teenage pregnancy is a rather judged situation by the society and needs to be separated from the stigma attached to it. With teenage pregnancy, comes the difficult decision of keeping the child or aborting it, there are also concerns like the health of the mother and the child, financial burden which comes with it and the mental and physical environment which is a requirement to raise a child.

There are various reasons for teenage pregnancy. Role an abuse of drugs and alcohol and being sexually active have often been deemed as the only reasons, but there are others as well. Age discrepancy and lack of education and contraception also bring forth such a phenomenon. Sexual abuse and dating violence have also become a major factor in teenage pregnancy with the ever increasing violence and exploitation cases. There are also cases triggered by socioeconomic reasons and cultures of various countries.

In such a situation, it is crucial to talk to the teenagers about the possible consequences of every decision than threatening them or neglecting them. It is of utmost importance that parents and adults have a frank and clear conversation with their teenagers in order to avoid such an untoward incident which could possibly damage the lives of the bright individuals involved. The teenagers should feel a certain level of comfort with the adults so as to discuss any sort of problems that might be hampering them.

IMPACT Of Adolescent Pregnancy
Personal Impact Missed education opportunities
Poverty and exclusion
Denied basic human rights
Unfulfilled potential
National Economic Impacts Annual Loss from lost productivity, healthcare & social welfare costs Brazil: $3.5 Billion
India: $7.7 Billion
US: $11 Billion

Determinants of Adolescent Pregnancy

  • Laws limiting access to contraception
  • Enforce laws against child marriage
  • Economic decline, poverty
  • Underinvestment in girls human capital
  • Political instability, humanitarian crises and disasters
  • Negative attitudes about girl’s autonomy
  • Negative attitudes towards adolescent sexuality and access to contraception
  • Availability of youth friendly services are limited
  • Absence of antenatal and postnatal care for young mothers
  • Climate of sexual coercion and violence
  • Obstacles to girl’s attending or staying enrolled in school
  • Lack of information or no access to quality comprehensive sexuality education
  • Pressure from peers
  • Partner’s negative gender attitudes and risk taking behaviors
  • Negative expectations for daughters
  • Little value on education, especially for girls
  • Favorable attitudes to child marriage
  • Age of puberty and sexual debut
  • Socialization of girls to pursue motherhood as only option in life
  • Internalized gender inequitable values
  • Lack of recognition of evolving capacities

    Measures to reduce the issue of adolescent pregnancy

  • Empower Girls
    Keep girls in school
    Preventive interventions for girls 10-15
    Multilevel approaches for safety & health
  • Respect Human Rights for All
    Stop child marriage
    Protect girl’s basic rights
    Increase access to sexual and reproductive health services
    Access to contraception
  • Rectify gender inequality
    Put girls and boys on equal footing
    Change attitudes on gender roles
    Engage men and boys
  • Reduce Poverty
    Provide better support to adolescent mothers

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