Keep your teens safe from internet crimes

What care should we take while posting personal things online?

Things You Should Never Reveal Online.

Internet, the world which offers everything a teenager in today’s world wants to experience. It promises love, friendship, intimacy as well as a fun way of spending time with friends. But it is this world again, where the rate of crime is the highest, where there is the least amount of privacy, where friends turn foes and goes behind their ex-friends to bring them down, where friendship and love is built on a baseless and fake ground. There are so many things that are wrong about internet today that the teenagers should be warned against them.

Since it is not possible to pull these kids out of this world, its best to make them aware of the few things they should never do on the net. First comes the issue of sharing of private pictures or pictures which might have some objectionable content. These pictures might be shared with just a few friends but might end up being the advertising image for pornographic sites. It is best to avoid giving such pictures online anywhere.

Teens having a social networking profile should be advised to change their privacy setting to friends only. This would help them stay guarded off dangerous strangers. The next fact they need to know is that they should not accept requests from unknown people or people claiming to be stars. These are fake profiles and the people behind them do not usually have a good motif.

Never share your phone number or your address with anybody on the net. Do so only if you know the person personally in real life. Do not click on links saying that you have won a prize for some purpose. These are fake links which are specially put up to trick people into giving money or infecting a computer with virus. These are just some of the guidelines. Stay safe and do not do anything against your wishes.

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