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Mobile Trainer: Fitness Apps


Phone or cell phones are now not just a piece of machine through which people talk to each other but its rather much more than that. Smart phones are now the part of our life and a sort of necessity for many. Have you ever noticed people hitting the gym or at parks always carry their cell phones with them while jogging or cycling. This is only because of the fitness apps which are available over iOS, android, blackberry or any other OS. Since these fitness apps have taken the place as personal trainer in people’s life, now the question is, “How successful are these apps to keep you motivated and fit???”

What are these Apps?

There are various apps present in the market, some keeps the check on your workouts like running, walking, cycling etc. Whereas the other apps keep you informed about the balanced diet, calories burnt or taken. Also there are some apps which combine fitness and games together to make it more interesting and useful for human body.

How helpful are these?

By doing a case study, researchers believe that fitness app keeps people motivated and educate them about the benefits of being fit. The merits of these apps are that they keep track of your calories intake and calories burned and let a person knows the amount of effort which he/she has to put to burn those extra calories. According to America’s North western Medicine study, people using calories app tend to lose 7 kgs of weight on an average. In a similar fashion, there are many apps which monitor your running or jogging by letting you know the distance covered, speed and calories burnt. By knowing this, people can accordingly make a workout schedule best suited for them. Researchers also agree to the fact, that apps help you keep motivated but at the end its your will which is more important than the fitness apps.

What’s the harm?

Though these fitness apps which track your calories and keep you inspired are good enough. But on the other hand, gamified apps (fitness + game) does keep a person energetic and motivated in starting, but at later stage people starts losing interest and get bored with the games virtual achievement and money. The same has been proved by the research done by Birmingham Young University and they suggest to use apps but don’t rely on them completely. Self motivation is the most important factor for a person to keep himself/herself fit.

Top Fitness Apps

1. Hot 5
This app explains different types of workouts and yoga aasans with some videos (available free on iphone or at iOS)

This is a gamified app in which a person has to run while keeping himself safe from zombies (Available free on iOS and Android)

This app keeps the record of your running, walking or cycling with the help of your smart phone’s GPS system. (Available free on iOS and Android)

4. Weight watchers
This app gives a data of calories burnt and about healthy diet as well. (Available free on iOS and Android)

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