Palamau Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve in Jharkhand


Palamau Tiger Reserve is located just 161 km away from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. The Palamau Tiger Reserve stretches from the edge of the Netarhat hill range in the south to the Auranga River in the north and from the Latehar-Sarju road in the east to Madhya Pradesh border in the west. The entire forest cover is the dry and moist deciduous eastern peninsular forests with an interesting association of Sal and Bamboo.

Palamau Tiger Reserve was created in 1973 and is known for harboring the most endangered wild species. It is the only reserve in the world where the first tiger census was conducted by the way of pugmarks in 1934.

The lush green landscape of the Reserve is clothed with august Sal in the valleys and lower slopes, and with dry deciduous forests on the upper slopes. Profuse bamboo and dispersed open grassy patches are common. Blessed with affluent flora and fauna, Palamau Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of approx 1026 and bestowing protection and promotion to the most endangered specie, tiger and other exotic wildlife.

The Reserve is surrounded by the undulating hills of Murhu, Netarhat, Huluk and Gulgul with steep slopes in the southern part and gentle in the northern part of the Reserve. The major tourist attraction are the enthralling waterfalls such as Michaela Water Fall near Garu, Suga Bandh Water Fall near Baresand and Lodh Fall, which is the highest water fall in the Bihar State.

The tiger and panther are the main attraction of the park while other animals found in the park include wolves and jungle cats, leopards, sloth bear, four horned antelope, , wild dogs, mouse dear, sambar, chancre, wild bear, elephant, dhole ,gaur and nilgai. You can also locate the large herds of gaur and chital near the waterholes.

Palamau Tiger Reserve is an ideal base for adventures activities like motoring and hiking. It offers the beautiful exhibition of real pose of wildlife for the photography. The Palamau fort is one of the chief attractions. There are many ancient temples and rivers that give comprehensive views and are the major tourist attraction.

The best time to visit the reserve is from January to June. Jeep safari is an impressive medium to explore the wildlife sanctuary. It has a Watch towers also where from you can observe the wildlife.

Palamu Tiger Reserve is located in Palamau district 25 km away from city headquarter Daltonganj which is also the nearest railhead .The nearest airport is Ranchi and the park is extensively connected with Betla and all nearby cities in the state. It also offers the accommodation facilities to the tourists. There are many tree houses in the heart of the park with the food facilities.

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