Problems Faced By Plus Size Women

Problems of Oversize Women

According to the recent study, it has been notified that pus size women earn less and accost a higher rate of unemployment. Now on this institutionalized discrimination, when plus size woman has to even pay more for the same kind of dress that is available in less prices for slim chicks, it gives a semblance of being charged a penalty.

Few problems that are faced by plus size woman are mentioned below

Finding Suitable Clothes

Finding clothes for plus size woman is a daunting task. The fashion is said to have come to zero when you get a size larger than 12. 90% fat women try to hide their bulky torso with the help of caftans. How many caftans can you buy? You will truly get bored of your outlook. Additionally, very few stores keep stock for full figured women. So, there are limited choices available with them.

Pay More for Dress

You necessarily have to pay more for your dress because the manufacturers use more materials for plus size wardrobe. The same dress that looks sexy on a slim girl may provide a mystifying look to you. Still you have to pay more for that particular dress.

Limited Options

Plus size woman do not have many choices. It’s hard for them to accept this fact but this is the fact. At times, they desire to get dressed like their slim counterparts. But, their full sized figures do not allow them to expose, flaunt and seduce.

Lack of Self-Esteem

The thing that boosts up women’s confidence is dressing beautifully, flaunt their curves and look graceful. Most of the plus size women lack confidence because they think they will not look good what so ever is being done. Woman will fat legs might refrain from putting up a sexy skirt. She might think her legs are not meant for short skirts. They develop physical insecurity and thus attract self-critical thoughts.

Men Find plus size Women Unattractive

Men are not so fond of plus size woman. According to men, fat women do not have the entire package; a man looks for in a woman. Where a slim chick has the charm and passion for something, there a curvy woman might lack this charm. Her body makes inessential noise during sex because of presence of extra fat.

On the contrary, Plus size woman looks more attractive and feminine due to her curves. Curvy girls and woman are what most man desire. Their are many fashion stores opened for you which makes you more attractive and fashion designers are also inspired by your curves for their designs. If you are fit and healthy then your size does not matter whether your are thick or thin. Always love your body and stay happy. Cheers!

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