Reasons for adolescent drinking

 Why teenagers start drinking alcohol early?

Adolescence is a transitional stage in every child’s life and this phase itself becomes the manifestation of the emotions they experience. In such a situation when one undergoes a variety of new emotions, alcohol acts as the drug of choice among them. While some turn to alcohol for solace, others do so to fit in.

There are some of these young adults who consume alcohol due to easy access. This could be owing to too much money in their possession or cheap, local alcohol or access to their parents’ alcohol. Alcohol marketing is such an integral part of today’s advertisement world and the glitz and glamor associated with this often misleads adolescents into believing that the alcohol would do more good than bad. There are many teenagers who, due to lack of awareness and education end up being consumers of alcohol. Culture often plays a crucial part in influencing a child into drinking. Introduction to alcohol at any early age and observing a close adult drinking on a regular basis removes the stigma attached and makes the consumption of alcohol an obvious choice.

Long time periods without adult supervision or lack of attention towards them can lead to teenagers taking the plunge, initially to just try and then, probably give in to alcohol consumption. Bullying by someone of the same age or older can also push someone towards a certain addiction where alcohol serves as the peace, the teenager requires.

There is also the case of peer pressure where teenagers consume alcohol under the influence of others. In such a situation, they tend to intake alcohol in order to fit in with others and to not feel like an outsider to the friends. Alcohol consumption due to peer pressure has become a major factor in today’s world where easy access and quick money has become the order of the day.

There are many factors which pushes a teenager towards the dark clutches of alcoholism. Teenagers of today needs proper guidance to avoid any kind of addiction at an early age. Spreading awareness among them is important.

Factors That Influence Drinking Habits Among Teenagers

Truancy and Poor educational achievement / school relationships
Early Introduction to alcohol
Exposure to adult binge drinking or alcoholism
Access to cheap alcohol
Access to alcohol from parents and others
Alcohol marketing
Society’s drinking culture
Having money to spend
Conflict or bullying
Long periods of unsupervised time
Friends who drink heavily

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