Reduce oversized tummy

Why is it difficult to reduce the oversized tummy?

Reduce Tummy

Fattening belly is a matter of great concern. It spoils the entire personality. Once the belly fattens and becomes oversized, it becomes very tough to bring it back to the shape. After all, why is it so difficult to reduce the fattened belly? As per the claims of the research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – the wholegrain consumers reduce 10% more weight than those not consuming it.

What is potbelly or paunch?

The potbelly or paunch is not merely the fat accumulated under the skin, but it also includes the visceral fat that is found in the around the internal organs of the belly. This obstructs several functions of the body and it becomes the cause of several disorders. It is known as Truncal Obesity.

Belly Fat – most worthless

The belly fat is more worthless than the fat of any other parts of the body. It causes several problems such as the growth of harmful LDL cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar, and blood pressure etc. It is also an indication of the diseases such as the heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, and the intestinal cancer etc.

The New England Journal of Medicine research unfolds that it enhances the chances of heart diseases by 2 percent.

What is the reality?

1. Insufficient sleep or rest
Due to the insufficient sleep or rest, the hormones become imbalanced. It causes the increase in appetite which further leads to abdominal paunchiness.

2. Due to stress
Excess stress stimulates the formation of cortisol in the body which in turn catalyzes the growth of fat in the belly.

3. Due to indigestion
The bacteria ferment the substances that are hard to digest, and this produces gas in the stomach.

4. Risk after 40
The insulin resistance decreases after the age of 40, and this increases the appetite and accumulation of fat.

5. More risks to women
After a few years of menopause, the women’s weight increases up to 10 pounds. The maximum amount of fat gets accumulated around the waist. Also, the intestines of women are longer than men.

Indians should not remain under any illusion

Not to see only the BMI
According to the Indian Council for Medical Research – despite the right BMI, an Indian would be considered as a truncal obesity patient if he/she does not have a standard or ideal hip-waist measurement.

The criteria of obesity in India
In India, the male and female with the waist sizes above 80 cm and 90 cm respectively, fall under the category of obesity. The criterion of BMI is 27.

The people hospitalized due to asthma have a 75 % chance of being the victims of obesity.

Following ways can reduce the Potbelly:

Reduce the consumption of Wheat

As per Dr. William Davis, the writer of the book ‘Wheat Belly’; the food items made of the wheat flour (particularly the finely grounded wheat flour or Maida) form excessive sugar in the body. The belly fat decreases with an amazing rate if you reduce the consumption of the food items made of wheat flour.

Consume wholegrain

Wholegrain such the sorghum, millet, and barley etc, should be included in your diet. The wholegrain contains a considerable amount of fiber and it catalyzes digestion. The Glycemic Index of wholegrain is very low and its consumption does not increase the amount of sugar in the blood.

Eat food high in potassium

Potassium discards the excess water from the body and this can be helpful to save yourself from the problem of obesity. Consumption of potassium rich food items such as the bananas and sweet potatoes etc is very much helpful in shedding the extra weight from the central part of the waist.

Drink sufficient water

The required level of water must be maintained in the body. Drinking a sufficient amount of water means the adequate supply of water to the fibers in the food in your stomach. The fibers in the food then function in a proper manner and stimulate digestion, and this eliminates the chances of constipation. In case of improper digestion, the belly swells and this facilitates the expansion of the belly finally resulting into a pot belly.

Do the morning walk

30 to 45 minute running or walking in the morning is considered to be the best exercise to reduce the fat. However, you should not forget to warm up and cool down before and after the exercise respectively. And, at the same time, you should also wear the best quality shoes during the exercise.

Cycling- the best

Of all exercises, cycling is considered to be the best. If you ride a cycle for 30 minutes; on an average, your body uses from 250 to 500 calories of energy. The reverse crunch, vertical leg crunch, and ball crunch are also considered to be the best exercises for this.

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