Right Time For Teens To Take Decision

When Should Parents Let Their Teens Make Their Own Decision?

When an individual is considered to be a teenager, it means that he has passed his childhood phase and reached to a phase where he has to nourish himself for the real world ahead. When the child turns thirteen, he has entered into his teenage. This is the time when parents should allow their children to take up decisions and restrict themselves till giving guidance only.

Giving liberty to teens in taking his or her own decisions will turn him into a responsible and more confident individual. He must experience his teenage years. Make mistakes and learn to tackle them. That is how he will prepare himself to take up challenges in future. Parents play a very pivotal role in teen’s life. They should guide him if he is confused, correct him if he is wrong but in no way they should influence his mind and decisions. Giving the liberty to the teen to think for him and make a suitable decision will help him transform into a better individual.

Parents should let teens do what they wish to, let them become what they want to and not impose their decisions. Else either the teen will develop a hatred feeling for his parents or lead an unsuccessful career. Suppose you want your teen to become a doctor but he wants to lead a sporty life and become cricketer. Will you force him to become a doctor and lead a life which he regrets daily? Or will you allow him to choose his area of interest and encourage him for better future?

If you don’t let him take his own decisions, it will make him totally dependent on you. Some day when he will move out of your shadow and come in the real world, they wont know what has to be done. Therefore, let teens exercise their own decisions and become capable of facing the real world.

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