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Following steps would secure your Android Smartphone!

Not only in India but all over the world, Android is considered to be the most popular mobile platform. However, the questions about its security keep arising every now and then. Below are a few tips that can enable you to make your Smartphone really smart.

  1. Encrypt the Device

It is a salient attribute of an Android Smartphone that you can encrypt the entire data in it. After encrypting, whenever you reopen your Android Smartphone, you will have to enter a specific PIN number or a password so that the data gets decrypted. If you follow this measure, you do not have to worry even if your Smartphone gets into some unknown or strange hands. Without entering the PIN or password, no one will be able to access your data in the Smartphone. It is a very easy step and you can easily encrypt the data by visiting the Security Setting section in your Smartphone.

  1. Activate the Device Manager

Activating the Google Android Device Manager in your Android Smartphone would immensely enhance the security level. If you do so, you do not have to panic even if your Android Smartphone gets lost as you can track the mobile phone through the tracking features of this Google Android Device Manager. The phone tracking feature works in collusion with the Google Map and GPS. Using this feature, you can ring your phone in full volume for about five minutes, and also you can delete the entire data in your Smartphone. You can activate this feature by visiting the Device Administrator’s setting in your Smartphone.

  1. Avoid storing the data in the SD Card

Your mobile phone, sometimes, gets into the hands of the strangers or the unknown persons, and therefore, it is required that you avoid storing the sensitive or important data in the SD Card. In fact, it is very easy to take the SD card out of the mobile phone. It can be stolen in just a few seconds. So, if you require storing the Credit Card Number, Password, and the copies of the important documents etc in the phone; you should store them in the internal storage and not in the SD Card. Storing the data in the internal memory of your phone would be much safer than storing it in the SD Card.

  1. Avoid routing your Smartphone

You should never rout your Smartphone. Routing means to play around with the operating system. Very often, the users try to alter the default settings given by the company in order to add new features. It threatens the security of the Smartphone. For better security, screen lock is essential. Also, it is advisable to separately download a Locking App to protect the private data stored in the Gallery or in the Messaging App. By doing so, the security level of your device would be much stronger.

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