Side effects of birth control pills

What are the side effects of birth control or contraceptive pills on woman’s body?

The birth control pills are quite popular as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancy; however, these pills are known to cause some side effects. In fact, these pills cause various types of side effects and these side effects are both positive and negative. Spotting or breakthrough bleeding is known to be one of the most common side effects of birth control pills. This happens when the woman takes the active pills. It occurs due to the change in the levels of hormones; however, the bodies of the /most women adapt to the changing conditions after taking the pills for a few months. Taking birth control pills does prevent the undesirable pregnancy, but it is wise to know its side effects before you actually go for it.

What are the other most common side effects of birth control pills?

There are quite a lot of side effects when we consider the birth control pills for women. It includes nausea and weight gain. When you tend to consume the pills then you will gain a lot of weight. The breasts will tend to become sore or swollen. The side effects can be overcome but it purely depends upon the body structure of the person who is consuming the pills. When the woman is having periods then there will be some problem in blood clots. Periods will tend to become lighter in an initial stage and then later there are even chances for getting them stopped. The mood critically changes time to time when women start with the birth control pills.

The person who is consuming will start suffering from abdominal pain and chest pain. They will also come across headaches followed by eye problem. In the severe stage, the legs and hands would get swollen. It is purely hormone based and so there are even chances of major changes which are directly related to hormone. If something is very annoying and unnatural in your health then it is surely due to the birth control pills. So, after reviewing that we have quite a lot of side effects in birth control pills it is suggested to take some alternative.

The estrogen prevalent in the pills is considered to be an important component that creates both positive and negative side effects. After taking the pills, many of the women feel nausea, headaches, and breast soreness etc. Also, the some of the women experience acne. Time and again, the pill taking women have complained about decreasing libido. Again, the depression, weight gain, and moodiness also are known as quite common side effects of the birth control pills. Sometimes, the symptoms of side effects disappear, but the chances of the increase of complication cannot be denied, and in that case it becomes necessary to consult the physician.

Some less common side effects of birth control pills

Some of the side effects of birth control pills are considered to be quite serious health risks; however, such cases are somewhat rare. The side effects such as the high blood pressure, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, gallstones, and liver tumor, etc are known as serious threats to the physical and mental well being of the women taking birth control pills. Sometimes, these side effects can be fatal, but such cases are very scarce.

Who are at high risk?

Being overweight escalates the chances of having the side effects of these pills. The women that are more than 35 years of age are more prone to the side effects. Also, the smoking women and the women with diabetes or high level of cholesterol easily fall victim to the side effects the birth control pills.

Some positive side effects of the contraceptive pills

The healthy women have known to have reported to have gained some benefits such as less pain and fewer cramps, shorter menstruation, and healthier skin etc. These pills are also good for regularizing the periods, and reducing the deficiencies of iron. Also, the risks of the cysts in the ovaries or breasts, and the risks of ovarian cancer are reduced to a great extent in the women taking the birth control pills.

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