Sleep Deprivation Can Be Dangerous

Sleep Disorder or Deprivation can be very dangerous for your health

sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is quite common now days. It is increasing at a fast pace inviting maladies like feeling grumpy, lazy and no performing to your best. But do you also know apart from laziness, lack of sleep brings profound bad consequences for your health.

Few of the negative aspects attached with lack of sleep are listed below:

Decreases Age

Sleep disorder results in decreasing age. Significance of good sleep varies from person to person. Some people feel reinvigorated in less sleep whereas some feel fatigue even after having more than required sleep. However, lack of sleep certainly exercises a negative impact on your health and body. Consistent deprivation curtails the normal age of a person by 30%.

Sabotages The Memory Power

Sleep is crucial to your brain’s ability to learn and remember. Lack of sleep is dangerous as far as your power to memorize things is concerned. This ailment is likely to occur when you have failed to take a good sleep. It adversely affects your brain and creates turmoil in memorizing things.

Heart Diseases On Rise

If you are sleep deprived, you will encounter the problem of high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes the heart to pump fast thereby putting immense pressure on your heart. This might increase the risk factors for heart disease. Less than 6hours of sleep is directly related to increase risk of heart disease.

Rise In Diabetes

Lack of good sleep leads to an imbalance of hormones in your body. This increases the chances of being diabetic as the body experiences fluctuation in the insulin levels. Less than 4 hours of sleep increases the risk of getting diabetes.

Causes Obesity

People destitute of sleep intake around 250-300 calories more per day as compared to the ones acquiring enough sleep. Sleep deficit downsizes your metabolism and excites your stress hormones. The stress hormones in your body are popularly known as cortisol that upsurges yearn for food. You end up consuming fatlike food causing obesity.

Agitation & Restlessness

A lack of sleep is directly related to restlessness and agitation. At times, sleep paucity is the reason for your restlessness. Sometimes, due to restlessness, you may have to encounter sleep deprivation. If you are sleep deprived, in no way will you feel active and refresh. Your body, mind and soul will feel tiresome and inculcate a slight irritation physically and mentally. If you have been sleeping for less than 5 hours consistently, you are likely to accost agitation.

Endeavor to sleep for at least 6-7 hours. This will not only keep you fresh and active but also help you achieving the goals of life with perfection. A good sleep will make you productive, mentally sharp and emotionally balanced throughout the day. Good night sleep can make you ready to take on the world.

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