Snoring is Fatal

Stop Snoring its Dangerous


The scientists have developed a small mask, and wearing this mask while sleeping can not only eliminate the problem of snoring but also it will facilitate a good sleep. What is the cause of this disorder?

This disease is fatal

What is snoring?
While sleeping, the inner part of the throat becomes narrower than its usual size. When you breathe, the air passes through this narrow throat and the vibration occurs in the tissues of the throat. This vibration creates noise which is known as snoring. Some people snore occasionally; however, in some people, it occurs on a regular basis.

Why does snoring occur?
There are several causes of snoring such as the obesity, smaller size of the throat or jaws, allergy, swelling in the nostrils, long or thick tongue, and the consumption of toxic elements etc. The bigger size of the tonsils is one its main cause. Sometimes, overeating at night also causes snoring.

It can be life threatening
The snoring can change into the disease of sleep apnea. While sleeping, this stops the inhaled air for a moment and then releases suddenly with a greater force. This occurs several times while sleeping. If this disorder is not treated; the time span of punctuating the process of breathing may become longer, and the patient may lose his life.

40 percent young males do snore sometimes. In the females, this percentage is between 20 and 30.

Myths or illusions

Myth: Snoring occurs while in deep sleep
Reality: Many believe that the snoring occurs while the person is in deep sleep. However, in reality, it is not so. Some people start snoring as soon as they start snoozing.

Myth: This disease is not hereditary
Reality: It is not so. Every disease has its family history.

Myth: snoring occurs with ageing
Reality: Snoring is seen even in some small children; however, the problem of snoring is more commonly seen in the adults.

Myth: The disease of snoring occurs due to sinus
Reality: Sinus is the problem or disorder of the nostrils, whereas the snoring is the throat disorder. Snoring is not directly related to sinus.

Side Effects of Snoring

  • High Blood Pressure
  • The lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood causes the problem of high blood pressure.
  • While snoring, there occurs the contraction in the inner arteries, and this escalates the chances of stroke.
    Heart Disease
  • The 75 percent of the patients of Sleep Apnea have the chances of being the patients of heart diseases as well.
  • Due to the problems of snoring, a person fails to get the full sleep, and this may transform into the type-2 diabetes in the long run.
  • It can have adverse effect on optical nerve which will lower our vision.
  • It also causes problem in our lungs by inhaling air directly without filter.

Ways to Stop Snoring

Nasal Drop – Using nasal drop is a very simple way to stop snoring. Normally this is used for snoring that occurs due to cold.

CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is type of mask which covers both nose and mouth. CPAP increases air pressure in throat to avoid contraction in our respiratory passage. This machine can be used at home with ease.

MAD – Mandibular Advancement Therapy is suggested to those who has small lower jaw. Can used while sleeping to ease breathing.

HNSS – Hypoglossal Nurse Stimulation System is a pacemaker like instrument which can be fix beneath our tongue.

More apprehensions

Affecting the personality
A person with incomplete sleep at night may fall asleep even while working or watching the television. This affects the personality of a person in a negative manner.

Chances of accident
Due to the incomplete sleep, the people may snooze or fall asleep while driving and thus become the victims of road accidents. As per an American research; about 20 percent of the road accidents occur due to Sleep Apnea.

Effect on work and performance
Incomplete sleep affects the work and performance negatively. The people working with technical elements fail to perform well if they are the patients of Sleep Apnea.

In case of incomplete sleep, a person’s nature becomes quite petulant. He gets irritated even at very small matters. This affects the overall health in a negative manner.

What is the treatment for snoring?

Using the Device CPAP is a device with an attached pipe. Using this as an Oxygen Mask while sleeping, a sleep apnea patient or a person with snoring problem can get relief.

Through Surgery
Some people have their jaws pressed inwards. This causes the snoring or sleep apnea disorders. This can be set right through surgery known as Mandibular Reinforcement Technique.

By shortening the tongue
Likewise, in case of a longer tongue, there occurs some extra pressure on the throat while sleeping and this causes the snoring problem. The extra long tongue can be shortened through surgery.

Fixing a plate
Fixing a plate in the jaws through surgery is another alternative. The sleep apnea disorder can be eliminated by using this method. By using this plate, the roof of the mouth is elevated slightly.

Removing the kissing tonsils
The tonsils of some kids come in contact with one another. These are known as the kissing tonsils. Such tonsils cause snoring or sleep apnea, and they can be removed through surgery.

Remedial steps

  1. Control or lose weight
    Usually, the obese are become the victims of snoring disorder. The fatty cells inside the throat can be reduced through exercise and the snoring or sleep apnea complications can be warded off.
  2. Turn sides while sleeping
    While sleeping, stretching supinely on the back usually enhances the chances of snoring, and the people with snoring problem should avoid sleeping in that posture. To avoid sleeping in such a posture, the doctors also advise the patients to tie tennis balls on the back while sleeping.
  3. Use the body pillow
    The body pillow supports your body while sleeping on your side and prevents your stomach from being pressed. This keeps your breathing pipe free from any kind of obstructions and this proves to be helpful in warding off the snoring problem.
  4. Abstain from the alcohol or any other intoxicating elements
    The alcohol and other sedative drugs cause the slackness of the cells in the throat and this escalates the chances of the snoring disorder. It is, therefore, advisable that you should not consume the alcoholic beverages. If at all you wish to consume, you should take about 4 hours prior to your bed time.

50 percent people with the problem of Hypertension are also found to be suffering from sleep apnea.

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