Stairs workout is a good exercise

Climb The Stairs Of Fitness

climb stairs

Stairs-workout is a great way to remain fit without investing any extra time or money and with little effort. For this you only need to give up the elevator and get into the habit of climbing the stairs.

Any type of physical exercise is considered good for health. If you walk for good health and fitness, you can replace it with stairs-workout. Here are six reasons to convince you, why you should do it:

Stairs-workout is more effective than walking

One can burn three times more calories by climbing up stairs than accomplished by walking. We have to spend more energy while climbing stairs as we carry our body weight against the gravity. Actually 15 minutes of stairs-workout is equivalent to 45 minutes of walk.

Benefits the lower body

Climbing up stairs easily exposes the lower body to ample amount of workout. The blood circulation in the body is improved by this type of exercise and it is considered much safer as there is almost no chance of getting injuries.

Gives strength to core muscles

As we climb the stairs our knees are raised upwards. This movement helps tone up the muscles of abdomen and chest. Therefore, stairs-workout if practiced in regular basis can burn fat faster.

Increased metabolic rate

Climbing 30 stairs burns 10 calories. If you increase the number of stairs you can easily burn more calories which will toughen your muscles and boost your metabolic rate.

Stimulates the digestive system

If stairs-workout regimen is followed religiously, the process of burning calories is set on the right pace. The digestive system is directly benefitted by this and constipation is also cured.

A good cardio exercise

Going up and down 24 steps twice daily is a good cardio exercise which can help control diabetes and cholesterol and maintain good heart health.

How to start?

Less is more, when you start

Begin with 1 or 2 flights (1 flight=12 steps). Increase the flights when you know that you can climb more steps with ease. Before you start the stairs-workout, don’t forget to warm up. Stretching muscles act as good warm up exercises.

Don’t push yourself

Make a slow start and gradually increase the number of steps and your speed. Do not skip the steps to get over with the routine fast. You can end up injuring yourself, if you lose balance.

Breathe regularly

Maintain the same rhythm of breathing throughout the course of workout. Never stop your breath. The golden rule is to climb 4 stairs while you inhale and exhale once.

Don’t strain your legs

Ensure that you don’t hit your legs hard on the ground during the workout as this can hurt your knees. Also, try to keep your knees lose and tension free while coming down. Stretching the calf muscles before climbing down is advisable. Older people should keep close to the side railings so that they can take support if need arises.

Now make it your habit of climbing stairs everytime.

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  1. Really the best way to do workout in today’s busy life is to climb the stairs as much as possible. Climb stairs in your apartment and office building.

  2. I was really confused, and this answered all my quiotesns.

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