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Stem Cell – the Growing Trend

Stem Cells

The researchers at the Stanford Medical Research Institute have lately achieved the initial success in growing the hair from stem cells. The stem cell technique is not only effective in treating baldness, but the stem cell technique is facilitating the treatment of many other diseases as well. Let’s see its miraculous merits and usefulness!

What is a stem cell?

The human body is made of an uncountable number of cells, and each cell has its own function. The stem cells can perform the functions of all the other cells as well. And, it is for this reason that the stem cells are known as the Master Cells. The stem cell takes its full form even after dividing. These cells have the ability to develop into the forms of more than 200 cells in the body.

No special function and yet it can perform all functions

One of the interesting facts about the stem cell is that it has not been assigned any specific function in the body. As a small stem can create a lot of things such as the from flower to fruit and seed, the stem cells are also capable of playing the roles of all the cells in the body. When the stems cell has no work in the body, it remains inert, but when needed, several new cells can be formed by its division. It means, that the stem cell has the ability to transform into the cells of any part of the body.

Three types of stem cells

There are three different methods to obtain the stem cells from the human body. One method is to extract the stem cell from the fetus in the womb. This is called the Fetal Stem Cell. The second one is known as Cord Stem Cell. This is derived from the human placenta during the birth of the child. The third type is known as the Adult Stem Cell. It is extracted from the blood or the bone marrow of an adult person.

Next 5-7 significant years

On stem cell techniques, several researches are being conducted around the world. Even in our own country, much research is being conducted on stem cells, and the initial outcomes have been quite positive and encouraging. The stem cell is very promising as almost every cell of each organ can be developed. However, there is still much to be done in this field. It is estimated that the next 5-7 years would be very significant for stem cell research as it is expected that it would be used in a better way by 2020. The Stem cell is like the flour from which you can prepare from Pratha to Kulcha, and it is this characteristic feature that makes it very special.


Cord Blood can be preserved in the Stem Cell Banks for about 600 years so, that the child can be treated with it when needed.

Growing Trend of Stem Cell Banking

The trend of Stem Cell Banking is on the rise these days. Also, India is not far behind in the race, though the Stem Cell Therapy is in its initial stages here. The business of Stem Cell Banking amounted to Rs 100 crores in the year 2009 which increased up to Rs.600 crores by 2012. Today, all over the country, and especially in the big cities, the people are insuring the blood of the placenta of their infants in the Cord Blood Storage. Cord Blood is the blood that is found in the infant’s placenta that is cut and separated during the childbirth. This Cord Blood is stored in the temperature of minus 196 degrees.

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The treatment procedure

As the stem cell can take the form of any cell, it is installed in the place of injury. These cells then form the new cells in the injured place of the body, and the patient recovers rapidly. For instance, if a person has got his limbs burnt severely, the stem cells can be installed in the burnt spots and new and healthy tissues can be developed. In the same way, it is useful to treat several other diseases, and it is for this reason that it is considered to be very important.

Treatment of about 100 diseases

The doctors all the over the world are taking the help of the stem cells to treat about 80 to 100 diseases. Several stem cells related trials are being conducted across the globe to tackle various serious diseases. The muscular diseases, leukemia, and the heart related diseases are being treated all over the world. Moreover, the treatment of cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal injury, autism, Perkinson, liver disease, kidney disease, and Alzheimer, etc, is possible by the stem cell technique.

No worries about Organ Donation

With the stem cell techniques, the problem of Organ Donation would come to an end. At present, for the organ plantation, one has to wait for years for the organ donors. With the stem cell techniques, the organs can be developed and also transplanted. Several researches are being conducted to make it possible. With stem cell techniques, the defective organs can also be repaired. The muscles and tissues of hearts cannot be revived, but with the help of stem cell technique, the tissues and the muscles can be revitalized.

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