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Importance of Stem Cells Restoration

Stem Cells

Restore Stem Cells For Future Purpose

Stem Cells are basically coupled with another cells to strengthen their longevity. For instance if stem cells are induced with heart muscle cell, blood cells or nerve cells, then they get the tenacity to brace themselves for longer time. Stem cells can also convert in the type of cell required by the body to cure. They are mainly found in bone marrow, umbilical cord and embryonic stem cells.

All organs and all parts of our body is made up of stem cells. Skin, Muscles, Bones all are made up of stem cells only, this cells lays the foundation of our body. It can be turn into any type of cell in the body, they are responsible to repair & regenerate new cells in our body, they can copy themselves without any limits, they has the ability to reproduce specialized cells for an indefinite period. Due to this qualities stem cells are now became very important part of medicine.

Why parents should preserve Stem Cells?

There are many reasons for preserving stem cells. But the most important are it is the best gift parents can give to their child. By doing so parents feel this is the best way to keep up with advancing medical technology. It will help your child to fight against many dreadful diseases in future. Banking stem cells has many benefits and it is very simple and painless.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking is the process of storing stem cells in the event that are needed later for future purpose. You can collect the stem cells for banking during your child’s birth. It hardly takes couple of minutes to collect the cord blood from your baby’s umbilical cord and is very easy and pain-free process. The stem cells often do not match the transplants or treatments one requires it for from public cord blood banks. However, the stem cells collected from your baby maintain a perfect suitability for you or baby’s other sibling.

The importance of Stem Cell Banking:

  • It helps an individual to combat any malady or inherited metabolic disorder like Diabetes, Cancer or Alzheimer.
  • Easy accessibility to the stem cells without any rush.
  • One life time opportunity to sustain health for future cohort.
  • System cells are genetically unique.
Potential uses of Stem Cells These can be used for healing the following diseases:

Brain Injury
Learning defects
Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Missing teeth
Wound healing
Bone marrow transplantation
Spinal cord injury
Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis
Skin renewal
Immune dysfunction
Vision loss
Joint & organ repair
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Myocardial infarction
Muscular dystophy
Crohn’s disease

Where do stem cells come from?

  1. It can be isolated from a human embryo in early development. These are obtained with the consent of donor parents at in-vitro clinics.
  2. It can be derived from fetal tissue obtained from terminated pregnancies with donor consent
  3. A normal egg cell has the nucleus removed and the cell is fused with any other body cell. These cells are not as versatile and healthy as ones obtained in the two processes above.

Types of stem cells

  • Totipotents – At this point these cells have the ability to become anything from a complete human being to any type of tissue cell.
  • Pluripotents – These cells are derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst. Pluripotents can reproduce a number of tissue cells but do not have the ability to produce an entire human.
  • Multipotents – The more specialized stem cells are found in both adults and children. These stem cells are responsive for replenishing everything from our skin cells to blood cells throughout our lives.
Stem Cells Banks in India
Stem Cells Banks in United Kingdom (UK)
Stem Cells Banks in USA
Cordlife India, Kolkata
LifeCell, Chennai
ISSL, Bangalore
Cryo-Save India, Bangalore
Babycell, Mumbai
Reliance, Mumbai
ReeLabs, Mumbai
StemOne Biologicals, Pune
NovaCord, Gurgaon
Cryobanks India, Gurgaon
StemCyte India, Ahmedabad
Virgin Health Bank, London
Future Health Biobank, Nottingham
Biovault Family, Plymouth
Cells4Life, Burges Hill
Smart Cells, West Drayton
Precious Cells, Middlesex
Americord Registry, New York City, NY
FamilyCord, Los Angeles, CA
CorCell, Las Vegas, NV
MiracleCord, Chicago, IL
ViaCord, Cambridge, MA
NuvaCord Network, Dallas, TX
CORD, Orlando, FL
LifeLine Cryogenics, Stamford, CT
GeneCell, Miami, FL
Genesis Bank, Indianapolis, IN
AlphaCord, Atlanta, GA
New England Cord Blood Bank, Newton, MA
LifebankUSA, Cedar Knolls, NJ
MAZE, Purchase, NY
StemCyte, Cavina, CA
Cyro-Cell, Oldsmar, FL
CariCord, Irvine, CA
Safetycord, Montvale
Celebration Stem Cell Centre, Gilbert, AZ
Cord Blood Solutions, Suwanee, GA
AssureImmune, Boca Raton, FL
Cord Blood Registry, San Bruno, CA
Core23 BioBank, Springfield, MO

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