Are You Suffering From PMS

Are you paranoid with Pre Menstrual Syndrome?

Is it halting your active life?………….

premenstrual syndrome

Every woman has to undergo the predicaments related to pre menstrual syndrome. Each month brings five days of severe pain and intense blood flow to woman. Two weeks prior to commencement of periods, the woman has to string along with irritation, stomach ache, foot ache and stress. The reason behind such maladies is none other than hormonal change.

Few things that can make you rid of this predicament are as follows:


Women suffering from pre menstrual syndrome are magnesium deprived. With a view to cast aside stomachache and legs pain, women need to start consuming meals enriched in magnesium. Beans enriched magnesium prevents the body from excess water filled in before occurrence of periods. Additionally, it stabilizes serotonin hormone in your body and refrains from inessential mood swings from happening. There are various ways to consume beans. You can either have it boiled or in salad or soup, whatever suits your tongue.

Greek Yoghurt

After scrutinizing various other articles, magazines and newspapers, it has been notified that women having abundance level of calcium and vitamin D in their dies are fortunate of experiencing less risk of pre menstrual syndrome. It is imperative to start taking vitamin D and calcium tablets to fill the gap. However, it is better to consume products rich in vitamin D and calcium. Dairy products like Greek yogurt boast a powerhouse of vitamins, calcium and minerals necessary for healthy living. Available in several other varieties, Greek yoghurt boosts your immune system and improves your vaginal health. It can reduce the incidence of vaginal yeast infections as well.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea, of late green tea has marked strong presence across women from all over the countries. Chamomile tea is beneficial for woman severely hit by stomach and leg pain during their menstrual cycle. This genre of tea is equipped with certain ingredients essential for reducing muscle swollenness and leg pain. Regular consumption of Chamomile tea will also help you in getting rid of mood swings, irritation, and restlessness. Have a cup of hot chamomile tea in night to experience a good and sound sleep.

Bid a bye bye to pre menstrual syndrome by starting to consume above-mentioned things in right quantity. Even after this, if you fail to get relief, then curtail down the levels of caffeine, sugar and salt and start drinking light juice and plenty of water.

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