Sugar Can Be Dangerous For Health


Did you know that increasing the intake of sugar level in your body could cause hazardous diseases to you?

Yes, consumption of sugar related eatables if exceeded than the requirement of your body, it will not only result in increasing your weight bit also cause several other harmful diseases. If you are desirous of having sweets, soft drinks, chocolates, ice cream and any other sugary products and not able to quit completely, then here is a list of few tips to ensure proper sugar balance in your body.

Mark A Limit

According to WHO, the level of sugar should not exceed 10% of the amount of calories consumed by you throughout the day. For instance, if you take calories of 1600 grams in a day, then your sugar intake should not exceed 40 grams. Keep a check on your serving spoon. With a view to cut down the your sugar intake, you can expiate sugar with its substitute. For instance, instead of putting sugar in cornflakes, you can have it with berries or can use sugar free in various other items. It will equally taste sweet and delicious. Marking a limit to the sugar consumption will help you keep a check on your sugar level. After dinner, you may have dark chocolate; it is good for your health.

Keep An Eye On Sugar Substitutes

Are you under the notion that if a product does not have ‘sugar’ marked on it’s packaging, then it is sugar free?

Many products come with labeling like Sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, can juice crystals, evaporated can juice, dextrose, malted barley extract. These are none other than sugar variants. Therefore, refrain from excess consumption of such products as well. If you avoid the intake of such products then you can increase the chances of having your favorite sweet dish.

Avoid Drinking Soda

Soda or any perforated drink is harmful for your health and body. In order to quench your thirst, you need not necessarily rely on soft drinks. There are various other ways to pacify your thirst like having lemon water, watermelonor strawberries blended water or pudina water. Also, many people carry a wrong impression that diet coke is not harmful but they don not realize the fact that after drinking diet coke, they increase their appetite and end up eating more than required.

Quitting sugar completely is not a child’s play. It takes time especially when you are addicted of having sugar in every possible item. The best way is to make some distance with the sugar. Reduce its consumption by half the quantity you currently consume. For instance, if you have a habit of taking 2 tsp. of sugar in your tea, then curtail it to 1. Similarly, if you eat 2 scoops of ice creams, curtail it to one scoop. Repeat the process with every possible food or drink for a week at least. Become slightly strict with yourself from next week by reducing the quantity to a quarter. Slowly and steadily, keep reducing the sugar level and you can manage to quit sugar eventually.

Sugar Addiction: The Perpetual Cycle

1. You Eat Sugar – You like it, you crave it. It has addictive properties.

2. Blood Sugar Levels Spike – Dopaming is released in the Brain = Addiction. Mass insulin secreted to drop blood sugar levels.

3. Blood Sugar Levels Fall Rapidly – High insulin levels cause immediate fat storage. Body craves the lost sugar ‘High’

4.Hunger & Cravings – Low blood sugar levels cause increased appetite and cravings. Thus the cycle is repeated

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  1. Yes sugar is not good for health, take little sugar only

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