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Eat in Excess or Eat too Less

Eating Disorder

Do you eat in excess or eat too less? The uncommon habit of a person eating too much or too less is known as “Eating Disorder”. This disorder is largely seen in the teenage girls or the ladies. However, quite often, the small children also fall prey to this complication. Anorexia If a person pursues one’s weight loss efforts even ... Read More »

How much fat does our body need?

How Much Fat We Really Need? There are several myths about how much fat is required for the human body to function smoothly. Some of the people tend to avoid consuming the food high in fat while others consume substantially. However, neither of the two tendencies is suitable for an ideal health. What is fat? Fat is also referred to ... Read More »

Why Vegetarians Lives Longer?

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Our dietary preferences surely shape up our health and our body. ‘ We are what we eat ‘, are the golden words for a perfect lifestyle. However, there has always been a debate about a healthy lifestyle. After a lot of research and experiments it has been concluded that meat prohibitionists live a longer life than ... Read More »

Best Food For Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a kind of disease which can be controlled considerably by healthy lifestyle and proper corrections in dietary regimen. Eating the right kind of food along with the weight loss is vital if one is trying to control diabetes. Diabetic patients should follow simple healthy diet plan which should be high in nutrient content, low in fat and moderate ... Read More »

Effective ways to reduce tummy

Weightloss Ideas Many of us those who has put on some extra weights wants to reduce it as soon as possible to get in our shape back again but most of us are not ready to takeup a regular excercise routine and for this we have so many reasons like long working hours, not get up early in the morning, ... Read More »

Types of good and bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is naturally present in food from animal sources like eggs, meat, high fat dairy products (milk,cheese). It is also available in processed food. Access consumption of this food and have bad effect on our health. What is Cholesterol? It is a type of waxy substance produced by the liver. It plays an important role in producing vitamin D and ... Read More »

Sugar Can Be Dangerous For Health

Did you know that increasing the intake of sugar level in your body could cause hazardous diseases to you? Yes, consumption of sugar related eatables if exceeded than the requirement of your body, it will not only result in increasing your weight bit also cause several other harmful diseases. If you are desirous of having sweets, soft drinks, chocolates, ice ... Read More »