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Sleep Deprivation Can Be Dangerous

Sleep Disorder or Deprivation can be very dangerous for your health Sleep deprivation is quite common now days. It is increasing at a fast pace inviting maladies like feeling grumpy, lazy and no performing to your best. But do you also know apart from laziness, lack of sleep brings profound bad consequences for your health. Few of the negative aspects ... Read More »

Best techinque for running

Tips & Techniques for Running Efficiently Most of the people consider running to be most important in keeping fit. They indulge into such activity without seeking suggestions from a fitness consultant. Such activity does not have any significant effect on fitness. The chances of getting hurt are also high. Here are few tips important for your body as well as ... Read More »

Stairs workout is a good exercise

Climb The Stairs Of Fitness Stairs-workout is a great way to remain fit without investing any extra time or money and with little effort. For this you only need to give up the elevator and get into the habit of climbing the stairs. Any type of physical exercise is considered good for health. If you walk for good health and ... Read More »

Best Food For Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a kind of disease which can be controlled considerably by healthy lifestyle and proper corrections in dietary regimen. Eating the right kind of food along with the weight loss is vital if one is trying to control diabetes. Diabetic patients should follow simple healthy diet plan which should be high in nutrient content, low in fat and moderate ... Read More »

How to protect our eyes

The EYE is not only charming but also the most important sensory organ of the human body. We are lucky to have been blessed with having such graceful eyes. We can relish the beauty of greenery and serene nature created by God. However, we fail to take good care of our eyes and get them in contact with inessential habits ... Read More »

Types of good and bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is naturally present in food from animal sources like eggs, meat, high fat dairy products (milk,cheese). It is also available in processed food. Access consumption of this food and have bad effect on our health. What is Cholesterol? It is a type of waxy substance produced by the liver. It plays an important role in producing vitamin D and ... Read More »

Sugar Can Be Dangerous For Health

Did you know that increasing the intake of sugar level in your body could cause hazardous diseases to you? Yes, consumption of sugar related eatables if exceeded than the requirement of your body, it will not only result in increasing your weight bit also cause several other harmful diseases. If you are desirous of having sweets, soft drinks, chocolates, ice ... Read More »