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Probiotic Food Is Good For Health

Why is Probiotic Food beneficial for your body? Probiotics food can enhance immune functions, gives more energy, reduce cold & flu, curb inflammation, fight chronic bowel diseases, prevent allergies and asthmas, eliminate yeast infections, weight loss, healthy skin healthy respiratory system and above all improve overall health. Sources of Probiotic Foods Great Probiotic Foods are Yogurt, Raw Cheese, Kefir, Fermented ... Read More »

Social Phobia

Are you a victim of Social Phobia? What is this Social Phobia? or What is Social Anxiety? A complete analysis…… As per a recent research- the kids that remain more active at night, are most likely to be the victims of Social Phobia. In 13% cases, the apprehension of social-phobia prevails lifelong. What is this Phobia? Social-Phobia is a psychological ... Read More »

Hazardous Diseases That Kill You Slowly

There are many types of diseases. Some are mild and curable while some have long lasting impacts on our lives. Tackling these diseases is a daunting task. They act as a slow poison and gradually weaken us from inside. Few of such types are listed below: Diabetes Generally people are hit by diabetes malady in the age group of 40-50 ... Read More »

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : Its Causes and Symptoms

What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by an anxiety disorder driven by obsessions. People with obsessive-compulsive disorders are hit by irresistible thoughts or images and behave very weirdly. This disease is very rare and is present in 1 out of every 50 across the world. Do you have the habit of washing your hands every ... Read More »

What is IQ? What is EQ? Is EQ is Valuable?

If a person has higher IQ, is he Intelligent? Most of us will say ‘yes’ But the fact is, IQ and intelligent are not the same thing. IQ is a measurement of the intellingence trait that each and everyone has, up to a certain degree. IQ tests do not reflect intelligence Some people have poor reasoning and brilliant memories or ... Read More »

What is barcode and How Barcode Works

BARCODE – Total Recall The King George Medical University of Lucknow has started disposing of the waste by Computerized Biomedical Waste Tracking. The barcode shows how much waste has been generated from which site. Let’s investigate here how the barcode executes this function. In a grocery shop noting down the prices of various items on a piece of paper and ... Read More »

Effects of long distance commuting on your Health

Is your office far from home? Commuting can affect your fitness, and if it takes more than half an hour; it is necessary to take some extra care of your health. Know the effects of long distance commuting on your Health You are fortunate enough if your office is close to your residence. And if it is not so; commuting ... Read More »