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Effects of Earphones on Our Ears

How earphones effects our hearing? With the notoriety of the media diversion gadget, in the same way as Mp3, cellular phone and PSP, we can see the individuals who are leaning to music with headphones all over when we stroll in the road or when we take an auto. In this poor listening the earth, most individuals will expand the ... Read More »

Stairs workout is a good exercise

Climb The Stairs Of Fitness Stairs-workout is a great way to remain fit without investing any extra time or money and with little effort. For this you only need to give up the elevator and get into the habit of climbing the stairs. Any type of physical exercise is considered good for health. If you walk for good health and ... Read More »

Effects of using cell phones

Its Time to Know the Effects of using cell phones Are Cell Phones Dangerous? Talking over the cell phones for hours might be entertaining but look what it has in store for you- Danger!! The requirement of cell phone is devoir in all walks of life. While you are travelling, sleeping, munching, partying or idling; you want to have 24*7 ... Read More »

How to protect our eyes

The EYE is not only charming but also the most important sensory organ of the human body. We are lucky to have been blessed with having such graceful eyes. We can relish the beauty of greenery and serene nature created by God. However, we fail to take good care of our eyes and get them in contact with inessential habits ... Read More »