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Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

A New Age Yoga – Hot Yoga Though there are several forms of Yoga, the craze of people towards Hot Yoga has escalated manifolds in recent years. The trend of Hot Yoga appears to be rapidly increasing with the passage of time, and Especially in North America, the people are assimilating Hot Yoga in the place of Normal Yoga. What ... Read More »

Tips to train the kids to remain fit

Kids Health & Fitness

Tips to train the kids to remain fit Increasing obesity in kids is a grave concern. One of the main reasons of obesity in kids is their disinterestedness towards fitness. To keep the kids fit, the parents are required to take the initiatives. Below are a few important tips to turn fitness into a habit of kids. Understand the orientation ... Read More »

Why Vegetarians Lives Longer?

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Our dietary preferences surely shape up our health and our body. ‘ We are what we eat ‘, are the golden words for a perfect lifestyle. However, there has always been a debate about a healthy lifestyle. After a lot of research and experiments it has been concluded that meat prohibitionists live a longer life than ... Read More »

Food to Boost your Mood

Special Food to Boost your Mood Instantly If you think your mood isn’t good try this food to improve your mood: Dark Chocolate – The element present in chocolate activates feel good chemical dopamine inside our body which enhances bonding in relationships. It also helps to increases our energy level. Therefore chocolates are good for us. Raw Cocoa – High ... Read More »