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How much fat does our body need?

How Much Fat We Really Need? There are several myths about how much fat is required for the human body to function smoothly. Some of the people tend to avoid consuming the food high in fat while others consume substantially. However, neither of the two tendencies is suitable for an ideal health. What is fat? Fat is also referred to ... Read More »

Hypertension in children

Problem of hypertension at an early age Hypertension is one of the heading reasons for sudden passing over the globe. Early intercession is regularly passed up a great opportunity in children. Pulse readings may seem alright at any given time, yet masters call attention to a few elements including sex, age, and stature of people focus degree of hypertension. Tragically, ... Read More »

Food to Boost your Mood

Special Food to Boost your Mood Instantly If you think your mood isn’t good try this food to improve your mood: Dark Chocolate – The element present in chocolate activates feel good chemical dopamine inside our body which enhances bonding in relationships. It also helps to increases our energy level. Therefore chocolates are good for us. Raw Cocoa – High ... Read More »

Hazardous Diseases That Kill You Slowly

There are many types of diseases. Some are mild and curable while some have long lasting impacts on our lives. Tackling these diseases is a daunting task. They act as a slow poison and gradually weaken us from inside. Few of such types are listed below: Diabetes Generally people are hit by diabetes malady in the age group of 40-50 ... Read More »

Tips to get out of depression

Depression is one major problem that everyone faces in their life. No matter what at some circumstance they are forced to face stress and they have a great headache in coming out of the depression. There are few factors that you should follow when you want to come out of depression. Always follow a routine and stick to it. If ... Read More »

Effects of long distance commuting on your Health

Is your office far from home? Commuting can affect your fitness, and if it takes more than half an hour; it is necessary to take some extra care of your health. Know the effects of long distance commuting on your Health You are fortunate enough if your office is close to your residence. And if it is not so; commuting ... Read More »