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How To Tackle Teenage Blues?

Facing Teenage Blues? Teenage is a very fragile and tender age. Kids at this age get rebellious and insurgent. They indulge into devil-may-care sort of behaviour. They go through a lot of behavioural changes as this is the time when they are trying to shape their own identity. At this stage their brain is vulnerable. They might just get swayed ... Read More »

How to Talk To Your Teen?

Talk to your teenage child As a parent, it is the responsibility of one to safeguard a child and prepare them for the world when it is time. Adolescence is the first step towards that outside world which requires a lot of guiding and help from the parent and there are things which a parent must discuss with their teenager. ... Read More »

Factor For Depression In Teenagers

Major Factor For Depression In Teenagers Adolescence is a very stressful and testing part of one’s life and sometimes, depression strikes and rocks the very existence of a teenager. There are many reasons why depression is common in today’s teenagers. Academic pressure is one of the first reasons for teenage depression. With the increasing pressure to make a career and ... Read More »

How to keep teens out of trouble?

Does Participation In Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble? It is often said, when you are equipped with some essential thing, you are likely to have less time for inessential things. Playing sports is one such way through which you can keep yourself out of trouble. Sports help teens learn certain skills, analyze every angle and leap over a hurdle. ... Read More »

Issue of early pregnancy in teenagers

Teens Outlook On Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is a gnawing problem in today’s world even though according to the statistics, the percentage of such cases has been reducing due to better sex education and awareness; the issue still affects at least a part of the world population. These cases could be both planned and unplanned, while the young mothers could have ... Read More »